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Top Ways to Speed Up the Growth of Hair after Hair Transplantation

rajatvermaApr 25, 2019, 7:20:53 AM

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure which is performed to treat baldness at your scalp. This is the treatment which has two types of methods include FUE and FUT. These both transplantation methods are effective which gives you permanent results. But you have to take care of your scalp after this transplantation treatment.

No doubt hair transplant in Vizag offer you many benefits and you do not need to worry about anything. But there are some tips you should follow to speed up your hair growth.

Top tips to speed up your hair growth after hair transplant surgery

• You should consume healthy food such as green vegetables, fresh fruits, and foods that are rich in minerals and fibers.

• No doubt your scalp is too sensitive and touchy. Avoid touching the transplanted area because it may prevent hair growth due to infection.

• Quit smoking and other types of drugs because these are not only harmful to your scalp but also hurt your overall health.

• Rub ice cubes above the eyebrows in order to reduce the risk of swelling and redness. But make sure do not rub the ice cubes on the transplanted area.