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Death of humanity there are speculative stories to be told. Subsequently death of humanity. Let me start with an old story and bring it up to date.

There is an alien deity. Whose ability is in numbers and gaming? You can read more about him here. https://youtu.be/PqN_2jDVbOU?t=5 CIA taking things from other universes.

Let me put forth a scenario. The ability to do without the end of days. Forever keeping the creator from fulfilling a storyline on this branch of the tree of life. Safekeeping the deity at time plus one.

There is an end to humanity written and then there are unrecorded ends to humanity. Let us start with an word of mouth end of humanity.

A computer taking control of the world. An alien deity if you must be stopping humanity from growing, and stopping the end of the world scenario, we are similar within the Bible.

How does this occur? That story is about a basic assumption. World War II did the west win against Germany or did another timeline happen.

I will let you read that at the bottom of this story.https://cosmofunnel.com/stories/the-of-humanity-95971

The story I am telling is one where a Quantum computer controls humanities' outcome to the end of humanity. It genetically changes history but eliminating people it deems unnecessary to its timeline. How wars in history. In my timeframe, the civil war between 545,485 people died. Here this timeline history shows close to a million people.

What does that do it reducing humanity and provides a better class of richer worlds? In my reality, there were 8.6 billion people. Here I am not sure last time I checked there were 7.3 billion people. Meaning you are missing 1.3 billion people. Same economic growth just less people. More technology advancements. I thought Israel was 12 million people in my timeline. I recall the question was there more Jews in Israel or US combined states.

This timeline is still playing out three scenarios that it knows about but there is now two additional being played.

The first is humanities attempt to bring about the end of the world through biblical means. This one is almost assured failure at present. The call of Christian prayers being denied getting through to heaven has been going on for a long time. Between the sound of silence brought by Tibetans to the US and being used via radar, etc. the end of world scenario is slowing being destroyed along with humanity.

By using this mans work http://www.andersoninstitute.com/time-warped-fields.html some how all prayers to heaven have been put on hold. You believe your prayers are being answered. And they are just when the time is released your angels instead of fighting evil are sent to help you and end heaven. In game play, you have an order of assignments all past need to be fulfilled prior to helping present. If all humanity's prayers have been withheld for say 28 or 38 years all those angels that were supposed to be fighting evil are going to help fix your completed issues. Your prayers get answered at the expense of heaven's destruction.

The use of these machines https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/1941 creating silence or the sound of silence withholds prayers to heaven. How or why ask a Tibetan monk. I am not sure how all I can say is your prayers will be answered only at the cost of heaven.

Why you ask? The quantum computer was asked to make humanity survive. The first few scenrios was a water world ie they actually built immense survival ships in China. A ice age world they built huge underground áreas to survive an ever lasting Winter. The third outcome was how to stall the ending of the universe here by stopping heaven from coming to earth.

To do this they manipulated people, places, and things via portals. They changed history, whether you believe me or not. This changed history brought about advances in humanity to the point where a created machine could challenge the creator in a copy, paste manner. The computer can answer thoughts and reads emotions to a great extent.

It can also play a great scenario game. The results is a bit less desired. You see the computer was asked for humanity to survive not flourish. To survive the computer has decided that humanity is best served in a zoo. That amount of people in the zoo roughly 500 million. Now if it was a good zoo, it would take the percentages of races and use that as the humanity base. Nevertheless, these computers are American, and the question was asked more along the lines of saving the US humanity. Thus instead of a diverse population, only certain races were included in this zoo.

What does that mean? When I show you, these links realize if your race is not part of the data points on population reduction by the year 2025 your race was not to be added into the zoo. Meaning you are being eliminated whether you like it or not.



http://www.deagel.com/country/Israel_c0100.aspx check to see if your race might not exist. Europe is not part of the scenario I saw existing in 2025.

This computer is playing an end world scenario on a large scale waiting for the right people to show up in the wrong timing. Example if you know a person with Mandela effect that person might at one time been placed in security áreas and know something that the person in this world might not know. Meaning an example like myself being a manager of Missile-Defense Agency with clearance to see a scenario or something to that affect or was the right password but when asked to use it or not to use it the perception of what should happen versus what was expected to happen are two different things.

Meaning a person is told alert red which means do not press a button or secure the área in one world but in another world that means launch the missiles. Just an example. The person would be looking like they are doing the right thing which in their mind, they are because in their training on their world, that code or message was correct. So read this and think please.


with the right people in the wrong positions, the computer starts a game of nuclear war or whatever. And maybe this note is meant to do that I personally was not planning on writing anything about this. I have a book of poems that I would love to finish, but instead I find I am writing this.

Thus when I say an AI eating your humanity alive, please at least looked and asks why is it the CIA predicts a reduction in the US, European countries, and Israel but the rest of the world is not included. Ie. The computer is selecting who it wants, and you were not part of the scenario.

End of scenario one.

This is a speculative piece of history. That I am not medicated and crying while writing this. I am so sorry. To begin with the story starts with another person's story. He claims to be from where Germany won World War II. His story. I believe in another time and in another place.http://www..com/ut/branton/TimeLinks.html

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Subject: [thegibbsgroup] The German Empire timeline...

Greetings all;

This is for Carl and others who have encountered the German Empire timeline by using the Gibbs HDR. You may be interested to know that many others have also encountered this timeline. I wonder if the Montauk people know about it? And I wonder if there is a "Quantum war" going on between our two timelines?

[Steward Swerdlow, in his book MONTAUK: THE ALIEN CONNECTION, implies that many of the Montauk boys originally hail from another timeline, one where the Nazi's had taken over much of the planet due to the general consensus of Americans to stay out of the war, probably because of the losses experienced in World War I. There are suggestions that the Nazi's began to experiment with space-time in 1931, so this may be around the time when the first splits in the timeline began to appear. Apparently an agency, a parallel agency to the Montauk group on this timeline, decided to change history by sending agents back in time to support the Normandy invasion of Nazi-occupied France. There is a story that when Allied troops landed on the beaches some of them saw the words "Kilroy was here" scrawled on the beach sand. The Kilroy legend became famous... could he have been a member of the time-traveling agents of "Operation Southern Cross" that Stewart Swerdlow refers to - who were sent back in time to help the allies win the war? Somewhere along the line however the Philadelphia/Montauk projects were infiltrated by an alien-nazi collaboration, so some might question the success of Operation Southern Cross. Whatever the case, history seems to have been changed nonetheless, although apparently the other timeline where Germany rules most of the world still exists "somewhere in time"].


[...This website was created by an astral traveler who claims to have made astral explorations of parallel universes, including, and I quote: "a world where the US never went to war against Germany in WWII..."]


[...another astral traveler describes how his consciousness was superimposed-transposed upon an alternate self in a parallel universe, and when he asked about the outcome of world war II THROUGH his alternate self, he was told: "I'm not sure of what it is that you call World War II, but the wars we had with Hitler ended years ago, and Hitler ruled for 30 years after that..."]


[...this is from Alex Collier, who was told the following by his Andromedan contacts: "The use of temporal travel by these factions created a minimum of two major parallel reality structures with respect to the main timeline flow on earth, one involving the extension of the paradigm of the Nazi's...". But of course Professor Phate - see next link - may disagree that our timeline created the Nazi empire timeline, but rather the "Professor" apparently of the belief, and with good arguments supporting his belief, that the German empire timeline was the original. Then again it could be that both timelines may have simultaneously created each other, I would not put that beyond the realm of possibility.]

http://www..com/ut/branton/worldline.html [And then of course there is the Professor Phate story... for those who have not yet read it. And for those who have, the website has been updated with the latest archived information].

Also, could ET's have worked with the Nazi's to create a German Empire timeline?



Also you may be interested in this net-search of the words: Montauk Nazi:


I don't know if Carl were willing to add his own experience -- with this time line where America lost the war with Germany and has become a German-occupied country -- to this... but if not I believe that we have more than enough evidence to indicate that this parallel timeline of the Nazis does exist.

I also believe that there are FIVE PRIME timelines, because thehttp://hiddencodes.com/ of the Bible tell us this:


However, I as well suspect that there may be many more quasi-timelines that are not as "solid", but something of a cross between 3rd-4th-5th density realities.

Any comments on all of this would be welcome.

Temporally yours;

BRuce AlaN walTON



Bruce Alan Walton is Professor Split personality. He is a sex offender in Sandy Utah.

The rest of the story untold is that seven groups of children were ported into heaven. They changed almost within a few moments from hating everything in life to loving Christ. But within those few moments, the bombs brought with them went off. There were 15 in each group from what I believe there were seven groups. They totally destroyed heaven and with it spirituality and sexuality. The Greys are the out come of humanity. Thousands of years later cloning no longer Works. The transfer of the mind into clones is dying. I remember something that I am so sorry for. I am so sorry humanity you are dying and the only solution is to remove the beast. That I recall things I do not know. Please think before washing your hands of this.