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The trick is not to let people know how really weird you are until it is too late for them to back out. I am just one step away from being rich, all I need now is money. I am not hard to buy for. Go to a bookstore. Buy a book. Share this if you admit that you are weird and do not care. If you cannot stand my humor, then do not add me. I stay a bit overweight because it would not be fair to all the skinny people if I were this attractive intelligent, funny and thin. It is a public service really.... Human beings cling to material things that are cold as snow, whereas I seek the flame of love... For I have discovered that material things kill painlessly, but love revives us through torments. Often people who criticize your life are the same people that do not know the price you paid to get to where you are today. Relax we are all crazy it is not a competition. I am the kind of crazy you were not warned about because no one knew this level existed. The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think. Did you ever listen to someone for a while and wonder who ties their shoes for them? I too. Been there done that. Then been there several more times. since apparently I never learn. IF you wish to understand the universe, think of energy frequency and vibration.

Humans should not meddle in the in the affairs of dragons... humans after all taste good with ketchup...A book is a magic portal to another dimension- taken a book is better than any drug to be high on for to read brings about imagination and dreams. The secret is not to tell those that could reach this stage but to hold onto this reality a bit by bit to make it yours. It is first responsibility of dreamers to question the authority of those seeking to enter. Secrets after all are only true when one and only one knows them.

To reach these secrets visiting a person that happens to see the world a little differently such as a poet, writer, or those just a bit off and talking with them happens to open their minds to ideas. Think before thinking becomes illegal. Read before they burn or destroy the books again... Imagine before the end...

Do not wish, not to know. Because you prefer to remain unenlightened, to better be a cow slaughtered in the dark. The end was here and a poor poet I am. A hero to no one who remembers. However, within my imagination, I am someone as important as the next person an influencer of good with a little naughty on the side. Someone you are pleased to know of but do not really know for sure. For how can one know a poet's heart when his words on paper stray from politics to famous people to a cartoon drawn just recently by noon? To say I am recognizable is a short statement to those that read tiny articles or notes pinned here and there. Alternatively, poor poetry sent to people that had half a mind not read it for what is a poet, but a small person within himself caught by today's light and in the night as unbalanced as a mad hatter at a tea party with Alice in Wonderland So few actually remembers days as a poet nor see through his eyes how the world was changing due to people lack of kindness or rareness. Shame is but sadness today. Forgotten is the way to be true and heart-felt best friends to a mad hatter.

I am currently unsupervised I know. It freaks me out too. However, the possibilities are endless. Blessed are the weird people— poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours— for they teach us to see the world through different eyes. So you are okay with the government having the weaponry to annihilate all life on earth... But you are upset with someone who owns a rifle that holds 30 rounds? When someone tells me, I live in a fantasy world, I take that as a compliment. Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. Can you handle all this awesomeness? We are each given a limitless capacity to love and attain wisdom. The extent we use these gifts is our choice. One cannot be spiritually fulfilled until another animal has touched one's soul. "YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH PEOPLE'S MINDS" writer's block when your imaginary friends stop talking to you. Clint the world is an odd place nowadays. Is it life of ease precisely losing its ease? Conversely, is it life accurately being what it is.

999999999999999999999999999 Journal discussion with a person on line

9/2/16, 9:04 AM

Maybe a mixup in language (Babel) time

yes somewhat

Can I invite you to a group and have you take a survey

I gotta get out to mow a big lawn. Tell me your experience please of your switch

Mandela Effect and Other Anomalies

add you

the story is in the survey

Cure send me a link to it


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Journal of a person lost. Seen reptiles, parallel universe travels, no deity discovered, issues with other life questions in general Story by Clinton Siegle

Since 5-20


you take the survey

I think I need to update my phone. I put it off to use it but I can't see shit on the link. Adobe??

9/2/16, 11:28 AM

no it is a blog free on cosmofunnel

can you take the survey please. add the words you knew were changed


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9/2/16, 12:59 PM

I can't find the survey. Maybe I have to be accepted in the group first?

9/2/16, 3:25 PM

the link above shoul get you there

did you get an invite to the group I pushed the plus sign a few times

11/11/16, 2:41 PM

quesiton to you. in your world how many apollo moon landings were there with people actually walking the moon

I thought only one with Neil Armstrong being the first on it. I'm not sure if more was with him but In my belief it was not true or they would have went more than once and wouldn't of recorded over the feat.

mine I recall 4 here there is 6

sometimes I wonder

11/16/16, 6:43 PM

curious when do you remember mandela effect coined or term use first and by who

11/20/16, 9:55 AM

My daughter and this past summer. Maybe spring time?

12/5/16, 7:54 PM

how are you doing

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

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Good How are you??

still dealing with not being from this earth.

12/6/16, 9:20 AM

merry christmas

Merry Christmas.

1/1/17, 12:55 PM

Press this pic for 3 seconds then FOWARD it to your friends

merrry christmas and happy new year to you.. hope you are not swapping out of your mind

4/4/17, 6:53 PM

curious did you delete what I posted or did facebook eat it

4/5/17, 5:52 AM

FB must of ate it.

5/26/17, 5:53 AM

Hey. Just seen your post on my wall and wanted to say thanks and hi. I feel I went through another dimension.

5/26/17, 11:01 AM

yep. The celltowers are now positioned much closer toehtr in this world.


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theree is amicrowave tower behind hardees. the size and location has changed

there was no fence around it three days ago

now there is afence, and huge ass wires going tinto building that was not there.

meanign I aint from here and I think the microwaves are fucking with mpeople minds. I was so mad at a person it almost came to blows

the issue it was frequency of his tone or r my ears that changed

meaning one moment I was listening the next I just wanted pound that person into the ground.

mentally I do not get mad

but the head ache and feelign I felt was so angry that only way I can say is anger

5/26/17, 4:07 PM

Oh boy that's not good. TPTB have ways to engineer that feeling of anger or depression and make you have suicidal thoughts. They use our electrons to induce it through different frequencies. Resist the urges.

I think they are doing it to our youth specifically

8/10/17, 2:49 PM

Where do you remember earth to be..

where is waldo the wandering earth.. hey great news for those that read. evidently blackholes are common in the galaxy now. not just the one that is sucking us up in the center. some how however even with them being common outside the one that is cuking us up in the center of the galaxy.. they have not been able to find one..

Clinton Siegle

Not sure?

well, if you remember five days ago. the small arm was not so small. now it is small

8/10/17, 6:23 PM

What arm?

Maybe a blackhole illusion 💭

Maybe same size but warping?

the size I figured out. We are missing 244000 light years from my memory. now it is a ring 20 ligth years away. Meaning the galaxy has started to spins

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8/11/17, 11:31 PM


15 Air Purifying Plants to Remove Harmful Toxins

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8/12/17, 1:18 AM

Come to my wall Clinton

They won't let me add my new website here

2/9/18, 9:33 AM

hey I miss your posts. Please come back. I hope I did not offend you in anyway.

No my dear. I lost my son. He killed himself.

I saw the suicide note I missed that it was your son. I am so sorry.

I just posted a status about it.

Forgive me.

Already done.

Forgiveness was easy


peace if you have anything of interest and time please post. I love reading your posts and my newsfeed no longer shows you or several other people

praying fo ryou

Thank you. They have been stopping people from seeing my posts for quite a while now.

Did you click the 'see first' when you click on 'friends' on my wall for notifications? That may work?? I hope it does

I did now I hav eto check again

okay Love you Clinton.

All I did yesterday was share music because I was really sad and hurting yesterday and was listening to music to heal my hurt and cry.

I know you have some issues with God. I also know from the past few months that parallel worlds exist.

I also know that not all perceptions did the same thing

That might not help you now

Just realize that in a few worlds he might not have passed away ..

speculation on parallel worlds and seeing how things have changed

I know he is still alive and I agree in other dimensions he may have a great life. I understand he is free and not in fear anymore. I just miss him and wish things were different. I wish I could have saved him.

perceptional changes is all there is.. I pray for you in Christ. Lose s nothing fun.

something that might help listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcntoaL1Lsc

Bob Moawad Self-Esteem clip.wmv - YouTube


I had depression for all my life. His quotes helped

Check your sodium levels.

Check your mineral levels. If you are low in magnesium that could cause you not to be able to break down the sodium to molecular levels to enter the blood stream which low sodium in the blood stream can cause depression.

at present I am diabetic lost my foot, eyes and a ankle. Curious how and what should my sodium levle e at high or low

My oil will stop anymore ampulations

It will also control your sugar levels.

My dad was a very bad diabetic and about to die and have his leg below the knee chopped off

I saved the leg and gave my dad quality life using nothing but coconut oil and cannabis.

He used to take about 5 full vials of insulin...

I will see if I can get coconut oil

He may if needed use one if vial if needed a day today. Usually though he don't need insulin anymore.

cannabis is the real name and the fictitious name Marijuana is used to commit fraud on people.

If you do not or cannot get access to cannabis let me know. I can help with that too.

I am in a country where drugs are more than illegal

can not afford them

I'll teach you how to make it and keep it safe for if you ever have an issue... 😞

Well coconut by itself may help with the amputation issues. Always try to use that or honey on any wound.

use honey and coconut oil. What country are you in??

Coconut oil infused in your daily eating may help your sugar levels too. I know though that without coconut oil cannabis by itself does not work when I used other oils for my dad.

honey I have used. I will see what else. I have reset you to seeing first.. You were on default again.. humor everyone is on default again.. I wonder..

Most likely.

Also buy Himalayan sea salt and put 5 teaspoons of honey to 1 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt in a container (I use a shot glass) and before bed take about an 1/8 or a 1/4 teaspoon of the tincture and place under tongue. Let dissolve. This is miraculous for issues. It helped me in many ways. It has 84 or more minerals and stuff you need in your body. It gives you restorative sleep. It lowers blood pressure.

It may help you??

thans. I am a bit limited however I will try

The salt is pretty cheap. The honey and coconut is too. It does miracles.

I will try .. thanks

3/26/18, 7:22 AM


3/26/18, 3:12 PM