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This computer is playing an end world scenrio on a large scale waiting for the right people to show up in the wrong timing. Example if you know a person with mandela effect that person might at one time been placed in security áreas and know something that the person in this world might not know. Meaning an example like myself being a manager of Missile Defense Agency with clearance to see a scenrio or something to that affect or was the right password but when asked to use it or not to use it the perception of what should happen versus what was expected to happen are two different things.

Meaning a persoan is told alert red which means do not press a button or secure the área in one world but in another world that means luanch the missiles. Just an example. The person would be looking like they are doing the right thing which in their mind they are because in their training on their world that code or message was correct. So read this and think please.

With the right people in the wrong positions the computer starts a game of nuclear war or what ever. And maybe this note is meant to do that I personally was not planning on writing anything about this. I have a book of poems that I would love to finish but instead I find I am writing this.

Thus when I say an AI is eating your humanity alive please at least look and ask why is it the CIA predicts a reduction in the US, European countries, and Israel but the reast of the world is not included. Ie. The computer is selecting who it wants and you were not part of the scenrio.

End of scenrio one.

This is a speculative piece of history. That I am not medicated and crying while writing this. I am so sorry. To begin with the story starts with another person story. He claims to be from where Germany won World War II. His story. I believe in another time and in another place.//ww

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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 10:07:36 -0800 (PST)

Subject: [thegibbsgroup] The German Empire timeline...

Greetings all;

This is for Carl and others who have encountered the German Empire timeline by using the Gibbs HDR. You may be interested to know that many others have also encountered this timeline. I wonder if the Montauk people know about it? And I wonder if there is a “Quantum war” going on between our two timelines?

[Steward Swerdlow, in his book MONTAUK: THE ALIEN CONNECTION, implies that many of the Montauk boys originally hail from another timeline, one where the Nazi’s had taken over much of the planet due to the general consensus of Americans to stay out of the war, probably because of the losses experienced in World War I. There are suggestions that the Nazi’s began to experiment with space-time in 1931, so this may be around the time when the first splits in the timeline began to appear. Apparently an agency, a parallel agency to the Montauk group on this timeline, decided to change history by sending agents back in time to support the Normandy invasion of Nazi-occupied France. There is a story that when Allied troops landed on the beaches some of them saw the words “Kilroy was here” scrawled on the beach sand. The Kilroy legend became famous... could he have been a member of the time-traveling agents of “Operation Southern Cross” that Stewart Swerdlow refers to - who were sent back in time to help the allies win the war? Somewhere along the line however the Philadelphia/Montauk projects were infiltrated by an alien-nazi collaboration, so some might question the success of Operation Southern Cross. Whatever the case, history seems to have been changed nonetheless, although apparently the other timeline where Germany rules most of the world still exists “somewhere in time”].


[...This website was created by an astral traveler who claims to have made astral explorations of parallel universes, including, and I quote: “a world where the US never went to war against Germany in WWII...”]


[...another astral traveler describes how his consciousness was superimposed-transposed upon an alternate self in a parallel universe, and when he asked about the outcome of world war II THROUGH his alternate self, he was told: “I’m not sure of what it is that you call World War II, but the wars we had with Hitler ended years ago, and Hitler ruled for 30 years after that...”]


[...this is from Alex Collier, who was told the following by his Andromedan contacts: “The use of temporal travel by these factions created a minimum of two major parallel reality structures with respect to the main timeline flow on earth, one involving the extension of the paradigm of the Nazi’s...”. But of course Professor Phate - see next link - may disagree that our timeline created the Nazi empire timeline, but rather the “Professor” apparently of the belief, and with good arguments supporting his belief, that the German empire timeline was the original. Then again it could be that both timelines may have simultaneously created each other, I would not put that beyond the realm of possibility.]

com/ut/branton/worldline.html [And then of course there is the Professor Phate story... for those who have not yet read it. And for those who have, the website has been updated with the latest archived information].

Also, could ET’s have worked with the Nazi’s to create a German Empire timeline?



Also you may be interested in this net-search of the words: Montauk Nazi:


I don’t know if Carl would be willing to add his own experience -- with this timelime where AMerica lost the war with Germany and has become a German-occupied country -- to this... but if not I believe that we have more than enough evidence to indicate that this parallel timeline of the Nazi’s does exist.

I also believe that there are FIVE PRIME timelines, because the /hiddencodes.com/ of the Bible tell us this:


However I also suspect that there may be many more quasi-timelines that are not as “solid”, but something of a cross between 3rd-4th-5th density realities.

Any comments on all of this would be welcome.

Temporally yours;

BRuce AlaN walTON



Bruce Alan Walton is Professor Split personality. He is a sex ofender in Sandy Utah.

The rest of the story untold is that seven groups of children were ported into heaven They changed almost within a few moments from hating everything in life to loving Christ. But wihtin those few moments the bombs brought with them went off. There were 15 in each group from what I believe there were seven groups. They totally destroyed heaven and with it spirituality and sexuality. The Greys are the out come of humanity. Thousands of years later cloning no longer Works. The transfer of the mind into clones is dying. I remember something that I am so sorry for. I am so sorry Humanity you are dying and the only solution is to remove the beast. That I recall things I do not know. Please think before washing your hands of this.

How secure is your government. Bet if you find a person that answers these questions differently you will find that person has a different recollection of life and history. Currently there is 250,000 people suffering from what is called the Mandela effect. DARE you to read the whole thing and see the video..

A mandela game to play. Can I get recollection without looking up the information. Copy and message your reply to me or copy and paste below in comments. Abe Lincoln senator or representative.

New Zealand one island or two.

Japan off the coast of China or Korea.

Berenstein or Berenstain bears

How many US states 50, 51, 52

Challenger shuttle exploded 1984 1985 1986

Hurricane Katrina 2003 2004 2005

Curious George with tail or not.

Jif or Jiffy Peanut butter

Tiananmen Square was the person ran over by a tank or not. yes or no

Barbara or Barbra Streisand

Charles Schulz or Schultz

Coen brothers or Cohen brothers John (“Ice Age,” “Despicable Me,” etc.), Rob (“The Mummy,”

Reba McIntyre or Reba McEntire

Alaska – Coastline radically different.

What color is the sun.

Arctica – Hasn’t existed for a very long time or has it.

Japan – Where do you recall it, in relation to China?

Korea – N. Korea borders Russia? That’s what maps show.

Madagascar – Location and general geography. Not just a map issue.

Mongolia – Part of China or a separate country? And where is/was it?

When did you notice the changes occurring.

Listen to this article.


Meanwhile as everyone was busy arguing over the bread and circus elections, the CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God”.

What exactly do you suppose they are doing with it?

You have to take a few minutes and watch this. It will change the way you look at “reality” forever.

This story begins May 19th, 2016 south of Florida. I awoke to a new reality. Some call it Mandela effect or circle of time changes. Others blame CERN, or D Wave computer, or an AI computer hooked up to MineCraft or another game.

All I can say is I am no longer with my family that I had May 18th. I am with a completely new family. Each day since then.

The reality even changes a bit more with my research or reseach depending on the universe. Montauk chairs, time travels, etc. are common talking to points to people that are missing their home and trying to get home. The point gets to a Navy base just north of Miami in a bit.

Up until May 23, I had not heard of Montauk nor its experiment. In my world the Philidelphia project was something talked about. Anyway, Montauk started a long evil tale.

The first time hearing about the Montauk chair, there were only to be one of these out of New Jersey with 27 frequency chairs spread throughout the US. This tale had it that if there was more than one, the time frequency would get all screwed up. And guess what it does if you follow the story line with me.

The second time I heard or read about the Montauk chair the story changed and of course I was not in the same reality as the day before. In that reality there were three chairs. One in England for whatever reason, two in the US. Guess the Navy base north of Miami has a chair. Anyway, that timeline was screwed up a bit. Meaning more Mandela effect people were talking about CERN, etc.

The third time I heard or listened to the tale, there were five time machines. Two in the US, one England, one or three in Japan, and China had recently attained one via something dealing with 2012 and an expected end of the world scenario. I wrote Peter Moon, Duncan Camero, and two others about this, and their reply was to stay in one place to be silent and stare at a candle to concentrate on staying in one place. I wish I would have listened that day.

Because things just got worse, and worse. Then there were seven time machines. Threee Japan, two US, one England, and one China and a war broke out. Crime, people being evil, an attempt upon my life, head aches until I gave up Facebook and searching for a way home. By that time, there were seven confirmed time machines running and Mandela effect was skipping things around. Meaning Jiffy or Jiff, etc. Then it happened the story line changed dramatically.

The Germans in some timeline won World War II. They had a time machine also. The Chinese attacked the three Japanese time machines and then Japan cars, and economic interests in Bolivia started to disappear being replaced by China. Meaning instead of Japan Toyato, there is a company called China Motor which to my knowledge in my world could not make a engine design to function at this altitude.

The Montauk project according to some history lines ended 83, or 84. Which was then picked up by the Navy in 90. The Chinese attacked the Japanese time machines locked in three underground bases per conspiracy radio. And that is when China started to replace all the past history with their own.

Example Mount Illimani in Bolivia has been searched for years for gold. Guess what happened 9 months prior to me ending up on this timeline. The Chinese found gold or some type of material they are digging it out of the mountain and Bolivia is not making a profit from it. The Japanese car market has slumped or disappeared here and now all is China new cars.

The evilness of Montauk the Germans evidently are influencing sometime portals. Per the story line they fought Christ murdering him on their timeline. Their future believe it or not makes the Greys which come back in time because they can no longer clone themselves.

How does the murder of Christ occur one asks. First attempt is little kids being sent in the past to try to murder Christ. The one or two bible lines about Christ saying to let the little ones come to me is the reference in the bible supposedly on this attempt. The second attempt is to switch minds of adults who are happening nowadays. ie If you think you are saved you might not be. ie. You saved your body, your spirit but having to be switched mentally, the new body you are in might not be saved. ie they are using your body and mind to attempt an assanation on Christ. Thus the line they will knock saying they prophesied in your name. And Christ response I know you not.

That is evil one. Evil two in 83 the reason Bigfoot showed up was because those timelines were going to steal someone else chair. In fact, they did or at least, some of the timelines succeed and blanked out the minds of the people supposedly responsible for the project. ie this is why Al, Duncan, etc. remember parts of their lives is their memory swipe was not done in their world, but in another universe and their frequencies are different allowing them to remember certain fact’s details, etc.

Evil three nanobots are being used to quantum level. Change your body. I know this odd but evidently the tgoal is a superhuman. Which they accomplish to an extent but not to immortality. Meaning this timeline if the story is correct also ends up with people not being able to breed only to clone and dies out after a long time.

Evil four Al story and the Windfinders which represent an AI computer or D Wave computer attempting to change history so that humanity does not die out again due to murdering Christ, which is spirituality and or sexuality if you listen to enough of these videos. Evidently, there is a third plan one super humans to fight two attempts on Christ’s life, and a third which must succeed because the Windfinders are there but their story line does not tell how they succeed or why. And thus is my story of a Florida Navy base north of Miami.

January 16 at 2:50pm

This is the ME for me in a nutshell . Smurfs , they are blue , always have been . In my mind I remember the cartoons and the toys . But What if one day they were pink and you thought, that’s weird that they changed the blue smurfs to pink . But you find out that they were never blue . And 90% of people you talk to agree, that they are and have always been pink . This is just a metaphor , they are still blue , I think s://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f87/1.5/16/1f633.png

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