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Free Online Comics That Make Money

jawdrake00Nov 11, 2018, 5:26:16 PM

Dave Kellett, another internet cartoonist and writer of"How to Make one punch man web comic," states cartoonists can create three streams of revenue on the Internet: advertisements on the comic's free site, book sales and original art sales.

This guide is going to turn the coin over and look back in the point of view of a few of the founders that have already attained financial webcomic success.
After all, spouting out great advice does not mean a hill of beans when we can't prove that it operates, now does it? And evidence we have. Big buckets of it!
Let's discuss robots, because you can not have enough robots in online comics, right? .
Richard Stevens created the net comic Diesel Sweeties at 2000. Depicting a universe where humans and robots co-exist - quite often even romantically!
The individual strips that he creates are largely self explanatory and have a range of recurring characters. It was picked up for paper syndication back in early 2007, but in 2008 Stevens went back to the web-only version that's probably diametrically opposed to that which many folks would've expected him to perform.
Now we have got it on pretty good authority that receives in excess of 30,000 readers a day. This shows you that he's the monetizing facet of his craft down cold.
Just how can he do it?
Well, Stevens makes most his cash through selling product, especially T-shirts. He operates his business from his home, buying the shirts in bulk and selling them on his website. It gathers and audience of raving fans which can be turned into paying customers.
Desire another case-study?
Let's discuss Howard Tayler, inventor of the Web comic"Schlock Mercenary," who makes a full-time living selling merchandise based on his animations.
Now we really like Tayler's pluckiness because here is what a lot of folks don't understand; he was creating a six-figure wages as a centre marketing supervisor when he decided to quit his job to focus on his web comic, Schlock Mercenary, full-time.
Bit it gets better since the movement came after the webcomic was dropping money, leaving him at a sink-or-swim circumstance.
onepunch man webcomic differs from many internet cartoonists because he makes a lot of his money selling book collections of his comics.
Though nearly all of his money comes from books, he has gone the more traditional merchandising route by selling T-shirts, buttons, as well as digital-only PDFs of his job. Occasionally he also uses these goods to help raise money for charitable causes.
In addition, he sells special edition books which include original sketches, a concept that turned out to be a particularly profitable moment of inspiration.

We can go on and talk about Pete Abrams, who's been composing Sluggy Freelance and making a living at webcomics for ages. Or Rich Burlew, the guy who was able to turn"Order of the Stick" not only a paying day job but also adequate reputation to do composing work for"Wizards of the Coast."