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💥Emergency Plan, Via Executive Order, for Removing Muslims💥

Jihad CountermeasuresOct 18, 2018, 8:07:14 AM

• Educate the upper management of the military branches about Islam and Muslims correctly so that they would not interfere with the plan. Have the officers that did not agree with the plan replaced with those that do agree.

• Declare islam a terrorist organization, at war with the United States.

• Declare all muslims, enemies of the United States.

• Stop all legal immigration of Muslims. Build an effective wall, not a fence, using the army, and guard it well. Build it with guard towers and surveillance. Place a minefield at the wall`s outer perimeter as a strong deterrent against illegal immigrants.

• Organize a plan to have all Muslims that have immigrated recently returned to their country of origin with any of their children that live in the States. All other Muslims would be deposited in Saudi Arabia with 3 months of money to live on; it doesn`t matter if the Saudis want them or not; military escort to Saudi Arabia.

• Make a plan for those Muslims that want to leave Islam so that they would be polygraphed (screened) for lying about leaving Islam and then they would be watched for 3 years for verification and have no voting privileges ever. Witness and video that they denounce Muhammad as a false prophet, and make monthly payments to an anti-islam organization. Any reversion to Islam or significant criminal activity would mean immediate deportation to Saudi Arabia and barred from the US permanently. Make safe places for the apostates to live together in the same areas so that they could protect themselves from the jihadists because apostasy is punishable by death in islam.

• If necessary, the military would collect the Muslims where the local authorities or population resisted the process.

• Make sure that all mosques are converted to something useful instead of being used for hostile operations (jihad) against the U.S..

• After the operation began, announce the reasoning behind the decision to the media.

• Propose a modification to the U.S. Constitution that reads  “No organization or similar party that is hostile to the United States, including religions, or the people therein, its possessions, or the several States, may use the "Bill of Rights" as any sort of defense in a court of law." Have Islam and its adherents permanently defined as hostile.

Ѭ   #expelallmuslims & #arrestalltraitors & #arrestoathbreakers before it becomes #killallmoslems & traitors.