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False Beliefs About Brett Kavanaugh and Rape Culture

liberatingtruthOct 6, 2018, 10:04:35 PM

The United States is a divided nation. Divided by Marxist ideology. The circus incited by the appointment of Brett Kanvanaugh brings the toxic ideology to life in relation to the "oppressor" males and "oppressed" females.

I’m not going to sit here and perpetuate the “both sides have work to do” as if the over-compromising conservatives that have been stomped on for decades should find some “bi-partisan” agreement.

No. This is about freedom. This is about the constitution. This is about what fundamentally makes America...America.

We are a point where the MSM and radical left is attempting to frame this whole rape culture question as if you don’t reject logical reasoning and due process, you endorse rape. Fortunately they were not success in taking down Brett Kavanaugh with false allegations, but I have no doubt they’ll continue to play this card in the game of political power.

With that said, I am filled with encouragement at the myriads of #walkaway stories I’ve seen, not just in the videos but also from comments on left leaning channels.

However, the reality is that there are still indoctrinated students who do not see the light. Louder With Crowder’s visit to Texas Christian University proves this. (What an ironically left leaning “Christian” university btw. I was actually going to attend TCU back in 2006 but when the tour guide renounced it’s Christian name, I decided I’d rather just go to a public university that didn’t have a fake relationship with God.)

I watched and attempted to extract the logic from those who sat down with Steven Crowder to defend the reality of rape culture. Here’s my understanding of the regressive psyche, mostly based off this video but from some other inputs as well.

Evidence of rape culture (according to the Left)

People of high political status are accused of sexual misconduct (and in Kavanaugh's case, he cannot prove his innocence from 36 years ago beyond a doubt so it’s probably true)

People of high political status are skeptical of sexual misconduct allegations (Yes, President did make fun of the outlandish nature of Ford’s allegations, mocking her for not knowing how she got there, how she got home, what year the party was, where the party was, or anything else except that she definitely wasn’t drunk and it was definitely Kavanaugh in her recently unrepressed 36 year old memory)

There are a lot of allegations both in the public eye and from people they know

Whether the allegations are of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape and how they define each of those isn’t particularly relevant, it’s sexist to invalidate a woman’s experience in that way

Those who are accused are not always immediately expelled, lose their jobs and/or put in jail

Innocent until proven guilty is still maintained in the court of public opinion in the misogynist political right and in legal courts

There are people who believe that a woman’s conduct is relevant when discerning whether a man committed sexual misconduct

The ONE point that was brought up that I believe could be a conversation to have is:

Are the punishments of CONVICTED rapists intense enough?

He brought it up NOT necessarily in relation to convicted rapists, but I think many people on the right would agree with lefties on increasing sentences for convicted rapists.

I have no stats or info on that question at this time, so if you know much about this, I’d love for you to comment and educate us all.

It makes my blood boil that so many people, and so many people with power, promote and perpetuate the unhelpful, limiting and destructive rape culture narrative. Before I list off the false beliefs, I’ve got to remind everyone why this conversation matters (besides the unity of our country.)

Rape culture beliefs and policies create victims of false allegations

Flimsy and minor allegations detract attention and resources from more substantial and intense rape allegations

Rape culture rhetoric encourages women to ignore their power to control sexual situations (I’ll be making a video on this one soon)

Rape culture further divides men and women socially, romantically and in work-relationships

Here are the 30 FALSE BELIEFS I’ve witnessed in Crowder’s conversations and from other sources regarding Brett Kavanaugh and rape culture.

Because sexual assault comes before a rape, sexual assault is pretty much the same thing as rape.

Women shouldn’t need to communicate if they are sexually uncomfortable.

The only valid way for a man to know if she gives consent is if she is totally sober and verbally says so. (This implies that it is impossible for a drunk woman to consent.)

A woman can retract her consent at any time without verbally communicating it.

Men must ignore the implied desires of promiscuous dress, behavior and decisions (i.e. drinking or going somewhere more private.)

Being sensitive to a woman’s sexual assault allegation means fully believing her story and ostracizing the accused without proof (to the point of a lost job, lost scholarship, expulsion etc.)

Proof is any kind of connection you can make that implies the man has an interest in sex outside of monogamous vaginal sex

A man’s inability to 100% verify that her story is false is proof of guilt (multiple accounts of collaborative evidence on his part is irrelevant regardless of how much evidence she has unless he can prove his innocence BEYOND a doubt.)

If a group of people i.e. Republicans, that you disagree with has an incentive to believe the accused and not the accuser, their evidence is too biased to use, including sworn testimonies that include witnesses of the accuser and 7 FBI investigations.

Potential political motivations of the accuser, including the reality that the issue was known but not raised to attention until right before the Supreme Court confirmation, is irrelevant and evidence of rape culture.

Character testimonies are irrelevant if it is in favor of the accused or not in favor of the accuser

If there are multiple accusations against a man, there has to be some truth to it.

Because it is scary and uncomfortable for sexual assault victims to go through trials, they shouldn’t have to.

If a cultural encouragement sounds nice i.e. believe victims!, it is good, true and should be adopted

The reason some people resist and are skeptical of nice sounding ideas is because they are bad people who don’t care about victims (regardless of whether they offer alternative reasons why they are skeptical, you can’t truth the kind of person who doesn’t accept rape culture as truth)

If a woman responds negatively to an experience, it is evidence that someone did something wrong to her

If something is emotionally charged, we should not talk about

Empirical data is irrelevant because it is not perfect; identifying the issues and estimating correct numbers is futile.

If you haven’t been raped, you cannot have an opinion on whether culture tolerates and/or encourages rape

If any women claims to have been raped and the accused’s life is not totally ruined, that means culture tolerates and encourages rape

If you know of a lot of people who say they’ve been raped and they decided to not report it, by itself that is evidence that culture tolerates and/or encourages rape

The reality of blurred lines of consent with alcohol, parties and hook up culture is evidence of rape culture

If you are unable to articulate your position, it must be because there’s something you are missing, not because you’ve been misled

If you are unable to articulate your position, a reasonable response is to attack the person for having a conversation, try to force them to leave and shame them for being there.

If the MSM says something is uncredible or unbelieveable, it is.

It is evidence of guilt if the accused doesn’t want to be investigated

If is evidence of innocence if the accuser wants, and complies with, investigations

A cool, calm and collected female testimony that doesn’t have collaborative evidence and has sketchy content is totally believeable i.e. her claim of a sizeable fear of flying despite flying often for work and leisure

A male testimony that shows emotion (when his side of the story is a false attempted rape allegation from when he was a teenager at the pinnacle of his career) is definitely false

All sexual misconduct claims need a full investigation, no matter how outlandish and whether or not there is a shred of evidence to prove some validity to the claim

Leave a comment with any additional false beliefs or “evidence” or rape culture you’ve witnessed!