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puspenduSep 8, 2018, 2:26:47 PM

Make a list of everything you want in a plasma cutter. Chances are that you'll come up with a list that matches up pretty closely to the list of features of the Everlast PowerPlasma 60S. It has has the convenience, portability and performance that will meet the needs of everyone from the weekend enthusiast to the welding and fabrication shop. The PowerPlasma 60S is built on an inverter platform, making use of IGBT modules from Infineon (Siemens) to reduce weight, and improve reliability and performance over the individual IGBT design. The unit has plenty of cut capacity with a recommended 3/4" daily cut, a 1" clean cut and a 1 1/4" severance cut capability. The new iPT 60 torch is part of the standard package and features a proven long life Italian design with blow back start, pilot arc and a variety of consumable choices. The PowerPlasma 60S features a 3 second tip saver to reduce premature consumable wear by limiting pilot arc on time, if no cutting is taking place.

Features & Benefits:

Easy starting with Blow Back Pilot arc allows easy cutting of rusty and painted metals

Cuts virtually any type of metal with ease

Simple to use torches with inexpensive service parts and consumables

Commercial class, 60% Duty cycle at 60 amps

Clean, smooth cuts with the genuine iPT 60 Torch

Blowback start starts arc without the need of High Frequency which can interfere with surrounding electronics

Pilot arc improves performance and cutting on dirty, painted, or rusted metals

3 Second pilot arc tip saver feature shuts down pilot arc after 3 seconds of contiuous operation if no cutting is present to prevent premature consumable wear

Front air pressure gauge allows quick verification of air pressure

Over Current and Duty Cycle protection indicates fault with a dedicated warning/diagnostic light, and shuts down output until condition is resolved

Adjustable postflow timer for maximum consumable life

IGBT modules from Infineon (Siemens) improve reliability and performance while reducing overall weight

CNC socket for CNC use on plasma tables (machine torch optional)

Suitable for use with 11,000 W "clean power" generators.

Everlast plasma cutter