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#MindsGaming Token Services

#MindsGamingAug 9, 2018, 3:49:30 PM

Among the many free things we do we also have many services that we provided that help support our community, in fact we offer a large range of services from launching and promoting groups, to hosting your own website. Below is our services guide each link will take you to an article about the service, the current token cost and more.

#MindsGaming (Ultimate)

- Post one add a day in each community group.

15 Tokens per month


- Gaming Review

Get your game reviewed and promoted

- Gaming Video

Get a 5 min custom made video of you game for your use.

- Gaming Lock

Lock Gaming content inside our gaming groups


Nothing goes better with gaming than some jams, okay maybe a beer..

- Music Lock

Lock your music content inside our music group

-Music Gaming Video

Get a customized gaming video with your music as background.

Photography & Art

- Photo Bomb

Link your art or photography site

- Artful Lock

Lock your art or photography posts inside our areas.


- #MindTube Lock

*You can lock videos inside the proper topic by buying that lock or inside out community group #MindTube -


- Book Sale

List your books sale site with us

- Writers Block

Lock posts/ blogs in our community Writing Corner


- Outdoors Games & Products

Link your outdoors sales site

- Hide 'N Seek

Lock your posts inside our #outdoors area.

Paid to Play

* Get a monthly token Wire for doing things with our community.

Minds Tokens Services Group

*Post here after purchase, or for issues


@Luculent Rewards

- Getting Your Linux Distribution Virtualbox Appliance, and Getting it Installed in Less Than Five Minutes.

If you follow my channel here on #Minds, then you know one of my crusades is to get folks off propriety software, and to use open source solutions when you can.


- A p2p based website layout using DAT. Share files, photos, downloads, and more.