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Oregon Attorney Asst Program

richardschibellJul 10, 2018, 12:23:09 AM

A durable power of attorney is a written document that creates an agency relationship between a principal, the person granting authority, and an agent or attorney-in-fact, the person to whom authority is granted. There are no special qualifications necessary for someone to act as an attorney-in-fact except that the person must not be a minor or otherwise incapacitated. A contingent enduring power of attorney only comes into effect upon a specified event such as a particular date or occurrence, including the loss of capacity of the grantor. Finally, going to an attorney is not simply about having a discrete task accomplished, but having that attorney render advice on the business owner's situation.
richard schibell
Catherine, as agent, must sign as follows: Michael Douglas, by Catherine Zeta-Jones under POA or Catherine Zeta-Jones, attorney-in-fact for Michael Douglas. The process starts with both Husband and Wife retaining unaffiliated collaboratively trained attorneys who commit, in writing, not to go to court but instead to work together to help the couple reach agreements beneficial to all.
If you lose your ability to make your own decisions (such as through illness or accident) then the ordinary power of attorney becomes invalid (is cancelled). The latter can be anyone to whom you have signed over decision making authority through a power of attorney. A person appointed as supportive attorney to assist with financial decisions must not be insolvent and must disclose to the principal any convictions of an offence involving dishonesty.