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What Is Infertility and How Can It Be Dealt With

infertilityguide8098Jun 20, 2018, 10:22:07 PM

Infertility is a condition wherein a person is not capable to reproduce or conceive an offspring. It may also refer to a woman who cannot become pregnant or unable to carry the pregnancy to a full term. Fertile women goes through a regular menstrual cycle and ovulate prior to and after the cycle. Women who are experiencing infertility has an irregular menstruation or sometimes even no menstruation at all. Get more insight on fertility tips at male fertility tips A couple can be considered as infertile if they have already gone through several years of unprotected intercourse but still unable to give birth.

There are various types of infertility, it is considered as a primary fertility if the couple have never conceived an offspring whereas secondary fertility are those who have done it previously but are not able to do it again. Statistics shows that in every seven couples, one of them experiences this condition. It is also a fact that women become less fertile when they age.. The popular causes of infertility are age related factors, also tubal blockage, issues regarding the uterus, tuberculosis and there is also unexplained causes that are still being studied up to now.

They are advised to seek professional help by getting a medical examination done if they are not able to successfully conceive a child even after a year of trying. There is a doctor who specializes in this field, they conducts tests for both the partners and then figures out the root causes of infertility. They will also be asked to talk about their sexual life and even the most intimate details like the procedures. If the specialist still cannot tell what the root cause is, then it will lead to more medical tests. They will test everything from X rays of fallopian tubes and uterus up to the body temperature and the period of ovulation, they would also recommend laparoscopy for the women. Get more information about fertility tips at female fertility tips For men, they will conduct a sperm count.

Almost all infertility cases are treated using the conventional procedures such as surgery and therapies, there are many male and female fertility tips you can even follow. Among all the couples that goes to the doctor for treatment, some of them have successfully done it without any medical help. Studies show that one of the causes of this is anxiety and too much stress both partners are experiencing before consulting a professional. There are also several causes that are being reported such as drugs, smoking, environmental factors, surgeries even medications and health conditions like mumps.

The treatment for infertility are not the same for men and women. Nowadays, there are already many medications available in the market but you must take into consideration that you need to consult a doctor first before you can even start considering these treatment procedures. More at https://www.britannica.com/science/infertility