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dragonJun 18, 2018, 11:55:30 PM

How would you like Groups changed or optimized? For example, would you like an ability to pin posts at the top of a group channel as we do in private channels? Would you like a "resources" section along with "feed" and "conversation"? Does the conversation function work for you? What does your group need? Minds developers work in "sprints", focused on one topic at a time. Currently they're concentrating on the transition to Ethereum. Next however they will focus on upgrading our Groups function, then Blogs. 

The busy developers never check Feature Suggestions, a user channel. Any suggestions should be submitted directly to Help and Support, an official Minds channel where the core people of Minds can always be found. 

We'd be more likely to get what we need if we worked those suggestions out among ourselves and submitted a comprehensive list to them. One such list has already been made for Blogs, by Luculent.

I will be happy do the grunt work on Groups -- to compile a wish list from the suggestions made here, and submit it to Help and Support, crediting each of you....

How would you like to see Groups changed?