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Some Facts About Depersonalization Disorder and Its Recovery

infoonbestcounselingservicesJun 18, 2018, 12:07:45 PM

Before you can get some idea on how a person can recover from depersonalization disorder, you have to first get your facts straight about this particular condition.

To start, what is depersonalization?

Depersonalization is basically a disorder where the person suffers from shifts of perception until they go to a dissociated state. Being in dissociated state means that the person feels distant or feels as if he or she is a separate entity from his or her body or ego. You will only use the term derealization when according do the person suffering from depersonalization disorder looks at their surrounding scenery and objects in a dissociated state or being unreal. Even so, both depersonalization and derealization seems to work in tandem. That is why you often see a lot of people that refer to both of these cases evident in a person to be called as having depersonalization disorder.

What is the root cause of depersonalization disorder?

Just like the other mental disorders, you cannot really exactly pinpoint the main cause of a person suffering from depersonalization disorder. There are some mechanisms in the brain though that are associated with people suffering from this particular mental condition. According to some studies, ketamine is the main cause for people getting feelings of depersonalization by acting towards the glutamate system of the person. For some experts, depersonalization is a symptom of another mental disorder. People suffering from anxiety disorders basically show symptoms of depersonalization wherein the anxiety of the person is the main cause for a person to suffer from dissociation. No matter what caused the depersonalization disorder, it is best for the patient to be able to apply certain measures and treatments to better take care of their situation.

What are some methods that can help a person recover from depersonalization disorder?

There have been a number of methods that have been used to address the different causative factors of depersonalization in the person. Some of the most common methods include supplementation, exercise, medication, meditation, doing activities that use up the most of one's focus, and other activities that help the person move away from thinking about their condition. Doing this lets them see the positive in things and let them be more reality oriented. You can address your condition by doing any of these techniques that will make you resistant to suffer from depersonalization disorder. There are some books and articles that you can read online that will help you understand depersonalization disorder better. Make sure to check these depersonalization books out. Learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depersonalization_disorder.