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The Legacy of WWE legend Ric Flair

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Ric Flair born as Richard Morgan Fliehr is not your ordinary wrestler. He is regarded as the best wrestler ever to grace the scene in the 70s and 80s. He had a glittering career in the ring that lasted for over forty years. He also featured in several competitions including (National Wrestling Alliance) NWA, (World Championship Wrestling) WCW, and the famous (World Wrestling Federation) that changed to WWE. He has also made an appearance on the (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) TNA. Fans remember him for his famous blond hair and the 'wooooooo!' shouts he made during his entrance to stage.

Ric Flair is regarded as the only athlete to have graced the Royal Rumble and won the title. View here for more about ric flair. Flair had a passion for wrestling, and it made him drop out of university degree to join the wrestling world. His first ever match as a professional wrestler was in December 1972 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin where he fought George Gadaski. He was at the time weighing close to 300 pounds and referred to himself as the 'Nature Boy.'

Flair left AWA in 1974 to join Jim Crockett at NWA where he captured several individual awards. At the age of twenty-six tears, Flair was told by practitioners that he would never take part in wrestling again after breaking a few bones due to the plane crash he suffered in North Carolina. He, however, returned to the ring after just six months due to the rigorous therapies he underwent. On 29th July 1977, Flair won the NWA heavyweight tournament under the guidance of his buddy, Jim Crockett Jr.

Flair attained the worldwide status when he defeated Dusty Rhodes in his premier NWA world heavyweight tournament on 17th September 1981. In the subsequent years, Flair maintained his style of blonde hair, designer suits, stylish jewelry, and customized robes. He usually terrified his opponents with his famous "Wooooooo! Shout.

He fought and participated in several championships throughout his career. At one time, he was defeated by Harley Race in 1983, but he regained the title from him later that year. To get more details, click Ric Flair events. He always got his title back after losing to the rivals. Flair would then sign with WWF in 1991band become a fan's favorite. He would even fight with Hulk Hogan and defeated him several times.

Now that Flair is old, the young generation may not watch the famous 'nature boy' on the TV. He won't appear on our screen unless for promotional purposes. Perhaps his son Reid will fill his shoes at one time. Learn more from https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ric%20Flair.