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Berlin vs Medellín

jroselandJun 14, 2018, 11:56:43 AM

Liberal Epicenter vs Traditional Gender Roles Bastion

After years in the supposed pickup shangrila of Medellín, Colombia, I made a big move to Berlin, Germany, a city supposedly on the forefront of the decline of western society. According to the manosphere, it’s the heart of the beast of European progressivism and feminism.

I wrote on Facebook:

The liberal-hipster culture of the city is very politically correct but at the same time blase and apathetic. So I haven’t found many people I could really connect intellectually with… As far as the fairer sex; it’s a very diverse city with a ton of immigrants so you could definitely ‘taste the rainbow’ here. However, Berlin is all about the ‘not giving a fuck’ attitude, especially amongst young people, which means women are NOT very feminine in appearance or behavior.

While I have all sorts of philosophical objections to Western Society going this direction, it certainly creates an environment more conducive to practicing pickup and seduction. I’ll contrast it to Medellín…

There’s a bias amongst PUAs and manosphere types to complain about how it’s so tough to do pickup in their city, how women in their city are leading the decline of femininity. Predictably I heard this bias from some from my wingmen in Berlin, overall I think it’s a great place to practice game.

Berlin is a big, cold, multicultural city; imbuing the social anonymity that is conducive to seduction and casual relationships. You’ll also meet a lot of small town girls hailing from all over Europe, who have recently moved to big, bustling Berlin for work or school.

If I return to Berlin I may only focus on Daygame, with it’s excellent public transportation system, it’s a pretty good Daygame city. Honestly if I took half the time I spent at clubs and biergartens and devoted that time cold approaching commuters, shoppers and girls lackadaisically strolling Alexanderplatz, I would have made a whole lot more progress in game in my time here. So I encourage you to get into Daygame if you are going to be spending some time in Berlin.

In Berlin, a daily experience would be seeing a person walking down the street and thinking; that’s a man, no it’s a woman… But look at the hands and the face, it has to be man… But look at the legs, it must be woman… Big contrast to a place like Medellin with traditional gender roles. Whereas in Medellin you’ll see several veritable latina Kim Kardassians walk by a major intersection or thoroughfare in the course of just a few minute, in Berlin you’ll need to put in some actual legwork! Let the scarcity of approachable attractive girls motivate you to overcome the approach anxiety!

In South America, everyone is just a little catholic; the girls you go out to party with will act like degenerate strippers from 11PM — 2AM and then at 3AM transform back into good catholic girls. Where as in Germany, Christian values of abstintence are dead, Berlin is one of the slut pride capitals of the world, which is good for pickup!

German and European guys (huge generalization coming) and pretty wimpy about approaching women, I remember reading a blog post by a (relatively attractive) female travel blogger who was surprised at not being approached while clubbing in Berlin.

Gaming en la noche in Colombia, the constant challenge is big, mixed sets with aggressive, drunk latino guys blowing their paychecks on shitty liqour to hopefully get the girls to make bad decisions they’ll need to say 10 hail marrys for once the hangover wears off. Contrast that to approachable two and three sets which abound in Berlin, small groups of girls spending their own money and have some fun with a friend (or two) and be social.

Girls live alone in their own flats or with roommates, as opposed to the perma-ninas of South America who live with their judgmental catholic parents until their mid thirties; a major logistical advantage.

Everyone speaks English, you don’t need to learn a second language to meet girls. In South America even in the most touristy nightlife zones, only 15% — 20% of the girls speak English, unless you have really advanced game you are going to struggle if you don’t speak Spanish. It really was time consuming getting fluent in Spanish, it’s nice to be able to commit this time elsewhere.

German girls are a little tough to physically escalate on, there’s a stark contrast between Colombianas who will dry hump you on the dancefloor 30 seconds after meeting you and the Mädchen who prefer to awkwardly dance half a meter a way from you, I still smirk at the feisty German girl who got offended by me kissing her hand when I introduced myself.

All this makes Berlin, in my view a good place to get laid but a poor place to find a serious relationship. If I was a German guy, committed to living in Berlin, looking for a meaningful relationship, I would cold approach the exotic Spanish, Vietnamese or Eastern European girls strolling the platz looking sexy in their heels and skirts.


This commercial center surrounding the old communist television tower that looms over Berlin is the best Daygame spot I’ve found thus far in Berlin. There’s enough people walking around that it creates an anonymity conducive to cold approaching, several subway lines connect here so there’s a ton of commuter traffic, lots of girls browsing the shops, and a fair amount of fraus lackadaisically watching the water fountain while playing on their phones, there’s ample cafes in the area for minidates. Alexanderplatz has the highest concentration of attractive women I’ve seen outside of the discos here in Berlin. Those 2 years in Medellin set my standards unrealistically high but I’m coming to accept that women are just not as attractive here in Berlin.


Foot traffic zentral — However, honestly I was disappointed in the quality. Maybe my standards were set too high by those two years in Colombia but I just didn’t see that many Mädchen strolling the boulevard that I found really attractive. The women here definitely aren’t going hungry and they don’t put in much extra work to look nice before leaving the house.

Café Luzia

Kind of a cool, dark venue a stone’s throw away from Oranienplatz. We came by on a Thursday night and had some laughs with what turned out to basically be German high school girls. It’s a little tricky to do approaches here as everyone is sitting around tables, but a decent spot to run some lounge game. I appreciated that the music was low enough that I could make conversation without yelling.


This is my favorite spot in the north of the tracks nightlife district about 3 minutes from Warschauer station. It’s a large fusion bar-nightclub-biergarten, where I didn’t encounter the face control that annoyed me thus far in Berlin. While the district has lots of rough looking guys, at Cassiopia I found everyone quiet friendly.

The biergarten is dominated by (you guessed it) chairs and tables, which break the sets up into the groups which are a little harder to penetrate. I either used the camera phone opener to get into these sets or hung out at the flanks of the bar to make approaches.

Not many German girls… I went on a Thursday and Friday night with a wing, both nights it was busy enough that we didn’t come close to approaching all the sets. We didn’t meet a lot of German girls there; everyone we talked too was Dutch, Austrian, Spanish and even from couple from Luxembourg, so a good spot if you like gaming tourists.… I went on a Thursday and Friday night with a wing, both nights it was busy enough that we didn’t come close to approaching all the sets. We didn’t meet a lot of German girls there; everyone we talked too was Dutch, Austrian, Spanish and even from couple from Luxembourg, so a good spot if you like gaming tourists.


Some people told me it’s not a true Berlin disco because it plays more mainstream pop music, which is fine with me, I prefer the imports — pretty eastern European girls in cocktail dresses and heels — over the frumpy fraurs, in tennis shoes and hipster attire swaying unrhythmically to minimal electronica.

What a disco should be — I went on a Friday night, with a pub crawl, which I don’t recommend for pickup, it was total sausage fest. There was a lot of pretty girls at Matrix, I was happy to find an abundance of two and three sets. This makes me want to move back into this neighborhood, there really is a lot of opportunity there. I don’t know what the cover charge or drink prices are like as I paid for neither.

Clärchens Ballhaus

If you got salsa game or like Latinas this spot could be worth venturing out on what is usually probably your night off pickup. Mondays I hit up a Couchsurfing language exchange in just down the straße from here to get in a social mood.

Frankfurter Allee

Lots of Bikers and Babies I walked up and down the Allee between Ring Center and Frankfurter Tor for about 20 minutes on a Saturday mid-afternoon and just did not see a lot of fit birds. Watch out for bikers! There’s a lot out there.

I stayed in a hostel in this neighborhood for a few days and I noticed this area has a ton of babies, weirdly the most babies I’ve seen in one place in a long time has been this neighborhood consistently. So much for Germany’s declining birthrates. So that makes me want to get the hell out of here!


Swanky disco in Berlin’s upscale district, just south of the Zoo. This is not the Berlin you’ve heard of where drugged up, badly dressed fraurs sway to minimalist electronica till the sun comes up, this is where girls in cocktail dresses drink vodka to booty shaking music while wearing high heels. It’s an upscale spot, so expect some face control from the meat heads at the door, it goes without saying that you should make friendly small talk with the bouncers to ensure entry.

I went on a Friday around midnight. The quality was the best I’ve seen so far in Germany. Also, good proportionality, there were more girls than guys on the dancefloor at any given time. Nice smoking area with a view of the street and old buildings being renovated where you can enjoy the second hand smoke and hit on girls trying their damnedest to get cancer. Some drunk girls where wrestling with each other next to the dance floor and they practically fell on me, so people are definitely partying here.

Prince Charles

In Berlin I think there is a pretty blurred line in between gay clubs and straight clubs, Prince Charles has a very gay vibe, lots of shirtless guys.

It has a ‘dark room’ If you don’t mind gaming at gay clubs and you could probably do pretty well here and do expect to see dicks — lots of nude guys walking around. The place didn’t actually get packed till probably 2AM, I guess that’s what I should expect from Berlin.

I went on a Friday night. There was actually a lot of pretty girls there, although they were not quiet as friendly as I would have expected. I have no idea how many were gay and (or) totally disinterested in what I have to offer. A gay guy my roommate was talking too said there was more girls than usual.

St. Oberholz

There’s a (somewhat lazy) style of game where you just sit in a cafe and make casual conversation with cute girls sitting or sipping nearby, St. Oberholz with it’s communal tables works brilliantly for this. It seems to me that about 70% of this cafe’s customers are of the fairer sex. A lot of them quiet cute and fit actually, not the trollish frauen that you seem to find an endless supply of throughout Berlin.


A decent nightlife option a stone’s throw from Alexanderplatz where a rowdy young crowd dances to pop music. Sweaty Friday night

After me and my wing got denied at House of Weekend (should have arrived earlier) on a Friday, we walked around the corner to Traffic. I think the cover was 10 EUR.

It turned out to be a pretty fun spot, there’s a decent dancefloor and outdoor smoking patio. It’s a pretty young crowd, the proportion of guys to girls was not exactly great, lots of sweaty dudes in tank tops jumping on the dancefloor.

It’s kind of loud inside but I managed to have a couple of good sets on the patio.

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