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Immigration To Spell The End Of Merkel's Politically Correct Germany?

basil_hallwardJun 12, 2018, 3:17:24 PM

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel facing potentially greater crisis today than she did when her efforts to form a ruling coalition repeatedly failed following an inconclusive election last September, leaving Germany without an ellectd government for six months.

A deep rift between Merkel's CDU party which still clings to its 'open borders' immigration policy, and their traditional ally the CSU which favour strict immigration controls has opened like a festering wound to reveal an acrimonious split in the governing coalition.

The German chancellor now appears to be locked in a stand-off with Horst Seehofer, CSU leader and Germany's interior minister over plans to turn away asylum-seekers at the German border. Seehofer abruptly called off a press conference scheduled to announce his new asylum policy as it emerged Mrs Merkel had vetoed the plan.

But the interior minister is refusing to back down, leading to fears of a power struggle which could lead to the collapse of the government and subsequently another election which would certainly see anti - immigration and Eurosceptic (but NOT far right as mainstream media would have you believe,) parties Aternatif fur Deutschland. and the Free Democrats gaining firther strength.

Any move to sack Mr Seehofer by Mrs Merkel could lead to  the interior minister, leader of the exclusively Bavarian CSU pulling the party out of the government, leaving Mrs Merkel without a majority in parliament.

I predicted in March, when Merkel formed her hotch - potch coalition that is would quickly run into trouble. The Belin government, in common with governments in London, Paris and Madrid has become completely out of touch with the mood of the people. In Washington DC Trump is trying to turn things round after eight years of Obama showing his contempt for democracy, and Italy's new nationalist government is still in its honeymoon period.


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