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Global REIT - The New Face of Real Estate Business

StaynJun 10, 2018, 5:22:11 PM

Current Problems

Real estate investment is a growingly lucrative business and many companies and individuals find it as a perfect method to acquire wealth. However, the process of purchase and investment comes with a lot of problems and limitations, due to the financial and legal requirements.

Such requirements could be the need for a local partner, when a person or company is interested in a foreign transaction, and the need for additional investment capital capable of covering not only the estate itself but all the additionally imposed taxes and fees and many others.

This makes the lucrative business accessible to a limited number of investors and they, in turn, have limited choice of investment targets.

The REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust, is an attempt to solve these problems. The REIT is a platform generating profit from the interest of the investments they receive and the sales the complete. 90% of those profits go to the shareholders of the respective REIT.

Global REIT and The Solution

The Blockchain technology has been integrated into more and more sections of services in recent years. Originally designed to bring security and transparency in to the cryptocurrency transactions, today it provides those benefits and allows for cryptocurrencies to be used in a constantly growing number of services and businesses, from the investment business through the free wifi to the casino business.

What Global REIT will do, for the first time in the history of the development of the investment business, is combine the traditional REIT mechanism and the Blockchain technology. The aim is to create a similar mechanism but with more opportunities and benefits for both the investors and the investee companies and assets.

For example, there would be Loyalty Programs which will award points to users and with these points they will be able to use the services offered by Global REIT for free for a specific period of time.

Another benefit is the access to the world real estate market Global REIT will provide for its investors in contrast to the restricted access provided by other REITs. Global REIT will launch its platform in Dubai and the plan is to “rapidly enter properties in jurisdictions worldwide”.


The Global REIT Roadmap gives us the events in the span of about one year, from November 2017 to December 2018. It is a relatively short term plan compared to many other Roadmaps but that period is packed with many important events.

The concept was designed and developed November 2017 and the company was formed in January 2018. In the short time that has passed since then all the ICO pre sales have finished and Global REIT already has its firs asset in U.A.E.. The plan is to acquire three more assets till the end of the year. It is an ambitious but fully achievable goal.

Website & Whitepaper

The Whitepaper is very detailed. It provides information about the current situation in the real estate investment business, the plans Global REIT has to improve this situation and information about the team and the ICO. In other words, all the necessary information foe any reader. What like in this Whitepaper is that most of the statistical data is backed by tables and diagrams, which makes it more trustworthy.

The website is very interactive and professional which helps to capture the attention of the passing viewers and increases its chances of being noticed. The tech team did a really good job with the design of the site. Furthermore, it is very user friendly, everything is just a click away. I really like this website.


The team is relatively small, consisting only of six members but I believe that they are more than capable of bringing their real estate investment business idea to life. Each member is a qualified expert and has years of experience in his or hers respective fields.

There are foreign members in this team which goes to prove that the Global REIT founder employed the best people to realize his ideal. Now let us briefly meet some of those people:


The online community of the Global REIT platform is constantly and rapidly growing. In Facebook its page has 2,222 followers and in Tweeter its account has 2,071 followers. Both of these numbers show that Global REIT is quickly gaining popularity in the social media. 

The platform also has 33,150 member in its Telegram family, 84 followers in LinkedIn, 62 followers in Medium and it also has a profile in Reddit and Bitcoin. This statistic shows that Global REIT is also popular in the more business oriented websites.


Global REIT offers to its subscribers two types of tokens, the Global REIT Fund Manager Token and the Global REIT Asset Token. Those token are being sold in two sales. First was the Pre-sale which started on the 1st of May 2018 and finished on the 31st of May 2018. During that sale there were 57,857,143 GREM tokens and 12,150,000 GRET tokens available for sale. In this stage there were bonuses in four trenches, with the first one giving the highest number of awarded bonus tokens.

The second sale is the Public Sale which started on the 1st of June 2018 and will end on the 30th of June 2018. During this sale there are 21,428,571 GREM tokens available for sale and 4,500,000 GRET tokens. During this stage there are no bonus tokens.

The following pictures shows how the tokens are to be allocated:

The Global REIT platform is trying to raise quite a lot of money, but these funds are divided between all of the sections working towards the successful development of the platform. All of the raised capital is needed to ensure the success of the company.

What I Like?

What I like most about this project is the fact that it provides investors with access to the world’s real estate businesses without having to comply to all the different restriction each country has. I guess this is the main goal for the project.

I believe that the real estate business has to leave the limitation of doing business mostly home based behind and try to conquer the world. As this is the future for any and all business areas. Today we live in a world where a single country cannot offer the needed opportunities for a certain branch of technological or economical business to be successful!

Website: https://www.globalreit.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.globalreit.io/front/whitepaper/Global-REIT.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/GlobalReit

My Bitcointalk.org Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1434369

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