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False Flag vs Hoax

TheImpartialTruthDec 12, 2018, 10:47:20 PM

Please stop using "Hoax" or "False Flag" as if they're the same thing! People are beginning to think that "False Flag" always means that it's all fake and people didn't die (a well played psyop that I need to expose). False flags are real and they happen, people die at the hands of the state and another party gets blamed for it...all of this, "show me the blood" or "they were crisis actors" craziness is getting really out of control so perhaps it's time to debunk that nonsense once and for all. Has the government ever staged an event? Of course! Patsies are used, scapegoats are framed and terrorist events are orchestrated at the hands of the government all the time but that doesn't mean it's all fake and people didn't die! It's quite frustrating for people who are exposing real false flags for over a decade to see the water's soooo muddied that people are now incapable of rationally figuring out real events from "fake" ones...if you're one of those people who think everything is a hoax, I understand that you mean well and have a healthy distrust of how governments operate...but please for God's sake think critically before getting caught up in this psyop that is designed to confuse people as to what's real and what is not.