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Facts about Drug Tests

thetopbestdrugtestguideJun 8, 2018, 12:14:32 AM

Drug testing has become prevalent in this modern times, as many people turn to the use of drugs for recreational, enhancement and medicinal reasons. A drug test is an analysis of a genetic specimen of a person to determine the existence of a drug or drugs on the specimen. Drug tests are carried out for widespread reasons. The most common areas where drug tests are carried out is in the sporting field, by policemen or by employers. However, parents and rehabilitation facilities also rely on the drug test to monitor children or patients.

The sporting officials undertake random test on athletes to ensure that they are not using performance-enhancing drugs or steroids. This is done to create an environment of fairness, integrity and to eliminate unfair advantage over other competitors. Employers carry out drug tests to ensure employees are not using drugs that can affect the performance of their duties and put them in harm's way. Some firms also operate a zero tolerance drug use policy for its workers. The policemen, on the other hand, carry out drug test to determine if the level of certain drugs or alcohol can affect the ability of an individual to carry out certain activities such as drive.

It is interesting to note that parents have turned to drug testing to ensure that their children are not using controlled substances. Drug use has become rampant in the society today for experimental or peer pressure reasons. Drug abuse is detrimental to an individual's health and can cause dependency if used over a period of time or when one overindulged. When a person becomes addicted to a substance they may require specialized treatment to stop the dependency on the drug. They may have to enroll in a rehabilitation center to get this expert treatment. At this centers, regular spice drug tests are carried out to monitor the progress of the patient.

The person carries out the test may take the specimen to the laboratory for testing or use instant drug test kits. The rapid detection kits gives a result in a short period of time. The tool could give results in as little as five minutes. Because they are inexpensive and give instant results, they are a preferred mode of test for policemen, parents and rehabilitation centers. They are also used by the individuals expecting a test to be conducted on them. Detection of a specified drug on the kit can prompt the conducting a further test in the laboratory. Laboratory tests take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to produce results. This is made possible with the advancement in technology. In the past, similar tests took longer. For this tests to be carried out the person being tested has to draw a urine sample, hair, blood or sweat sample. Other specimens include oral samples such as saliva or mouth swab drug test.

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