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Lotus seeds for healing insomnia

Letter to the FutureJun 6, 2018, 5:43:19 PM

Why do people use lotus seeds to cure insomnia is not effective

In addition to the nutritive value that lotus seeds bring to the body "joints" is also appreciated in Eastern medicine for the treatment of insomnia, depression. However, why do people use lotus seeds to cure insomnia effectively, some people do not?

Suggest 3 dishes to use lotus seeds to cure insomnia effectively

1. Tea lotus seed fresh coconut

Preparation: 300g fresh lotus seeds, 100g alum sugar, 1 coconut cake

How to do: coconut separated for water to separate, coconut fiber scraped. The lotus lotus leaves the lotus heart so that the tea will be bitter. If you use dry lotus seeds you need to soak in water for a while to hatch.

Tea lotus seed fresh coconut

Boil 400ml of water and drop lotus seeds in within 2 minutes and then remove them to dry. This will help your lotus tea is not pungent. Give 300ml of water and coconut water to the pot, stirring 100g sugar and then boil the lotus seeds, add lotus seeds until the lotus seeds are cooked, soaking the sugar off the kitchen. Take tea cup, sprinkle fresh coconut up to create attractive.

2. How to make lotus porridge cure insomnia

Preparation: 100g glutinous rice, 150g lotus seeds, 100g green beans, 200g sugar

How to make lotus porridge cure insomnia

How to do: lotus cut heart like the above, if able to eat bitter, leave the lotus heart as good. Sticky rice is soaked in water and pounded to a quick porridge, add water to boil and green bean paste to remove the peanut, until the ripe for you to seed lotus in the next 15 minutes. Turn off the kitchen, wedge sugar to fit the mouth. Enjoy this hot porridge spicy aroma on the cold winter day is nothing more.

3. Pigeon pea seedlings cure insomnia

Preparation: 2 pigeons, 100g lotus seeds, 100g lean meat, mushrooms

Pigeon pea seedlings cure insomnia

How to do: After cleaning the chicken meat is marinated with spices for 20 minutes to soak. The lotus leaves the heart to boil to remove the pungent smell. Stuffed minced beef and lotus seeds, chopped mushrooms into the belly bird and stitched. Add water and then birds to the basement, seasoning seasoning and eating while enjoying hot.


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