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The Garbage Man Goes to the Polls: California’s June 5th Primary

TheGarbageManJun 3, 2018, 9:43:13 AM

Now my nefarious plot can unfold. The true purpose I made this channel. 

To tell you how to vote!

Ahh, I’m just fucking with ya. Honestly, twice every two years, I look at my taxpayer funded voter guide, and I check and see what Propositions are worth a fuck, because I know damn well none of the politicians are.

I thought maybe you’d like to join me this year? If nothing more than to say my vote doesn’t matter in the comments?

Come on, let’s take a look at the propositions and the assholes running for office together.

Damn near broke our dams.


Prop. 68 - NO.

Fuck anything that wants to borrow California future on pet projects and pipelines. Let counties and municipalities handle their own water and their own parks.

Wants to basically borrow, or "creating bonds" for stupid voters, $4 billion fucking dollars, repaid back at the rate of $200 million a year for the next 40 years.

Prop. 69 - YES/NO, it doesn’t matter.

If you want to feel better about getting anally raped without lube at the gas pump by your own elected 2/3rd majority, then I guess voting YES could help that.

It doesn’t repeal the Senate Bill 1, which is the real perp here. All it does is make the funds go to where they said they would go to begin with, except they will probably have to use different terminology to still do the same fucking things if Prop 69 is passed. Also a good number.

Prop. 70 - NO.

Any proposition that has time limits, dates that certain thing will be enacted, and/or raises taxes on anything (in this case, manufacturing and research equipment) gets a big fat fucking NO from me.

Keep your legislative backtalk in the Fuckapital, I want no part of it. This also sets the stage to block Republican lawmakers, when California Democrats are finally murdered and lose their 2/3rd majority.

They know it’s coming.

Prop. 71 - NO.

A sneaky little fucking thing. It wants you to think that it would stop politicians from blocking voter approved ballot measures, but usually the only thing that stops laws is fucking judges.

It also over-empowers the Secretary of State by stating that it becomes law “five days after the Secretary of State CERTIFIES the results of the election”. There’s nothing to in there to say how fast the Secretary of State has to go to certify.

Like I said, a sneaky little fucking thing.

Prop. 72 - YES.

Anything that reduces taxes is a good thing. All this does it reduce taxes on homeowners by exempting water collection and recycling improvements from property tax assessment.

It doesn’t go far enough by allowing you to shoot any county or state property tax assessor that steps foot on your property, but it’s a start.

The only proposition that might be worth a fuck.

Don't forget that your local police force is fed by the Deepstate.


We here in California vote have open primaries, meaning the top two with the most votes go on head to head in November.

Patrick Little is the only candidate that gets my full-fledged support. I’m voting him for Senator, the only candidate with the balls to say what we’re all talking about here. The Israeli hostage crisis of US funds has got to get right the fuck out of here.

No dual-citizen Government ANYTHING.

Also giving a big shout-out to Don J. Grundmann for his savage candidate statement presented here and at: http://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/candidates/us-senate-candidate-statements.htm

“A Campaign for Sanity. There is no such thing as “transgender.” It does not exist. What does exist are broken people who pretend to be the opposite sex and even mutilate themselves in the attempt. In our constitutional Republic we are free to be psychotic as long as we do not hurt ourselves or others but we have no right to lie to children and teach them that this mental, emotional, and spiritual pathology/sickness is normal, natural, or healthy in the slightest possible way. To do so is a very sick attack upon children and a form of child molestation. There is a massive Social Engineering campaign to normalize the soul pathology and social sickness of “transgenderism.” So-called “transgender” children are being used as weapons to attack and destroy normal/healthy children. The objective of these attacks is to warp and then break the moral foundations of increasing numbers of children so that both current and, especially, future generations will be manufactured into psychotics and destroyed. This must be stopped. The children of our state and nation must be protected from this monstrous attack. Please join the developing national campaign to save children from the transgender hysteria and to ban the transgender mutilation of children. Go to TheyAreAttackingTheChildren.org to join the fight to save our children from this war/jihad against them. And please join the Constitution Party—the last and only party in California which will fight to defend our children and families. Chairman—Constitution Party YouTube—USA vs Sodom Inc.”

Good stuff.

And fuck Kevin “fake-ass added on DE” Leon.

State Offices:

Governor: Travis Allen. He’s the best chance.

Lieutenant Governor: David Fennell. Full of shit, but tipped towards my end.

Secretary of State: Mark P. Meuser. See above for reason why.

Controller: Konstantinos Roditis. Has an awesome name.

Treasurer: The Garbage Man. For obvious reasons.

Attorney General: Steven C. Bailey. Dedicated to stopping the sanctuary state madness and human trafficking.

Insurance Commissioner: ABC. Anybody But a Democrat.

Don’t forget your local shit and your Board of Equalization candidates that oversee where your tax dollars go. Important shit, ya know?

But I’ll let you do that yourself. I’m not voting for you. I’m only telling you HOW to vote.

This was the civically upstanding and heroically voting Garbage Man. See ya at the polls.

How are you voting? Did I misinterpret a Prop. or fuck up something else? Let me know in the comments!