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What you need to Know about Convex Security Mirror at National Safety Mirror

ArieBrinsonMay 31, 2018, 8:19:51 AM

Security mirror

Ever went inside a convenience store to buy something and saw a large bulging circular mirror attached in the corner of the store’s ceiling? Ever saw the same kind of mirror inside a parking space? Or your neighbor’s garage? These mirrors are called security mirror. These are used to see the blind spots in a specific area. Blind spots are part of a specific area which cannot be seen alone using a human’s eye. A human’s eyesight is pretty limited, especially when the person needs to look forward while needing to check what’s happening in their back. This is common when driving a vehicle for example.

The common security mirror people often use is called convex. Convex provides a wider view than usual mirrors people see inside their homes. It bulges outward, creating a fuller and wider view of the area. When searching online, people may get confused. For more info, it is very important to remember that security mirrors and safety mirror is pretty much the same thing.

National Safety Mirror Made in America

For those people who are looking for a convex mirror for their respective homes or business structures, they are on the right webpage. Introducing National Safety Mirror, a wholesale distributor of security mirrors in America, which not only offers convex mirrors, but as well as dome mirrors, and inspection mirrors. The unique part about this distributor company is that they do not have a warehouse where most business establishment or distributor companies have. Instead, the moment customers place their orders, someone immediately manufactures the mirror by hand. This is to make sure that the mirror customers buy are in its best quality and that it had not been sitting in the warehouse for a long time. They do things in such a way to give priority to customer satisfaction, providing what they have been looking for in the quality beyond their expectations. This distributor company was established through a disabled veteran, who pursued sales after his service.

Ways to Choose a Security Mirror

There are a lot of sizes, shapes, types when people can choose from when they talk about convex mirror. When choosing a security mirror, it is very important to first evaluate the application of the mirror. A few questions people can ask of themselves are the following:

• Where will I use the convex security mirror?

• What will be the distance between where the mirror will be mounted from the person who will be monitoring in the mirror?

• How much detail in terms of image does the person want to see?

These are the basic questions to ask before choosing and purchasing a convex security mirror. Although there are quite a lot of things to consider when choosing the right security mirror in one’s home, National Safety Mirror is very willing to extend their help to people for them to identify what they exactly need. For those who to learn more about convex security mirror and read more about it, don’t hesitate to view website of National Safety Mirror.