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Using the Manual Focus on Your Digital Camera

opulentcameraMay 25, 2018, 10:47:18 PM

Digital cameras often make photographers' lives easier. As with any advanced piece of technology, we find that it makes our lives easier in many ways. However, there is always a time and place to take the longer route. For photographers, a digital camera with a touchscreen and a logical menu can make a difficult shot that much is easier to do. Still, even the youngest photographer should know how to focus a DSLR lens manually.

Autofocus has its advantage. With each advancement, cameras can more quickly pinpoint the principal subject of a photograph. The moment never passes you by as you can capture it soon before it goes. However, sometimes require a manual focus. Instead of letting a digital camera have all the control, you are better able to center the photograph precisely as you see it. It takes some preparation, but it can make for a more unique and well-controlled photograph.

When you look at your lens, it shouldn't be difficult to switch to a manual focus. There will likely be a switch labeled as ‘AF - MF,' short for autofocus and manual focus. Once you are ready, switch over, and you'll have to adjust your focus by using the focus ring on the lens. If you have a zoom lens, there will be two rings, one at the end of the lens and the other closest to the body of the camera.

It is not difficult to use digital camera manual focus. Turning the focus ring will help you to see various parts of the shot coming into focus. Watch for the point into which something comes into focus as it directly correlates to its distance from you, i.e., the camera lens. Look into the top of the glass and turn the ring: the numbers will change, and this number will indicate the distance in feet or meters on which the lens is focused. Even if you do use autofocus, these numbers are helpful in understanding how far away your subject is.

Even in the world of digital cameras and photography, you should still have understood concepts such as lens focus calibration and manual focus. In a world of advancing technology, there are some skills others may deem unnecessary with current technological advances are crucial skills. Spending time to learn as much as you can about your field is never a bad thing, even if things seem outdated - anything for a memorable photo.