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Lesser known but helpful tools for PHP web development

Paul CookMay 22, 2018, 9:34:40 AM

PHP is one of the most celebrated scripting language of all and it is known to be powering major websites like WordPress and Facebook and a lot many others. The language is highly preferred over several other scripting languages by software developers but it is also a common complaint among them that the language is a bit complicated to work on when compared to the rest of its counterparts.

To make things simple for PHP developers, there are several developing tools that an expert programmers should know. These tools help accomplish important tasks of PHP web application development swiftly and accurately.

I finally compiled a list of all such really helpful tools for PHP web development and make life a lot easier for programmers.

Go through the list and thank me later!

• SublimeText: This is the best text editor tool for PHP frameworks. If you search the web, you will find many text editors. But the special feature of this one is that it is a highly advanced text editor and enables the user to improvise the layout in a satisfying way. It can be used for codes, markup and prose and at the same time offers an extraordinary performance.

• Geocoder: Nowadays, there are many applications that use the geolocation feature to offer more accurate services. For that, the app needs to access the GPS of the phone and thereby offer tailored services based on the location of the user. This tool helps PHP developers to generate an abstraction layer that can execute tasks of using the location services of the device through easy geocoding manipulation.

• PHPCPD: For developers to be able to successfully build a massive website in PHP, there is a a large amount of coding required. Also, for a website with a lot of frontend and backend communication, there is a lot of repetition of coding in which several codes are recalled several time. In such a situation, the server communication can get stuck and the website performance shall suffer is if there are repetitive calls and functions in the code that can cause problematic loops. That is why if there is a tool that can detect all the codes that have been copy-pasted, the developer can spot all the repeated codes and decide whether or not to eliminate all the redundancies.

• Mink: For any web application to work smoothly and cover more ground and gain popularity, it needs to be compatible with all web browsers. The Mink tools helps developers to test any PHP based web application for compatibility with any web browser and detect all the API conflict issues and develop browser compatible codes.

• Securimage: This is a tool that helps one add CAPTCHA codes to web forms on the web application. The tool is designed specially to develop complicated CAPTCHA codes thereby making the form more secure. This tool is generally used in combination with PHP CAPTCHA tool that helps one to add a security patch to the forms that are being submitted online.

Summing up

There are many more tools for developing better and more responsive web applications with PHP language. But the ones listed above are some lesser known yet extremely helpful ones. It would make the lives of PHP web developers a lot more simpler if they had knowledge about the above-mentioned tools.