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Things You Gain from Family Devotions

familyreligiouseducation297May 22, 2018, 12:03:01 AM

A life without God is no life at all. There have been many variations to the definition of God but the bottom line is that God remains to be God. God, apart from being our maker, is also our heavenly father. God needs all the adoration and praise since He is the author and finisher of our faith.

Family devotions help us show God just how much we love and adore Him. Devotions help us have a fellowship with God. Learn more about family devotions from this site. In so doing, we are able to ease God's spirit, such that He is able to attend to our every need. Recall, God created us for His pleasure and thus we should live in accordance with His will.

We all have bad days. Challenges are a part of life and can only get overcome through prayer. Families, too, have their fair share of problems. Without God, issues escalate to a level where there is no comeback. Luckily, devotions help in uplifting broken spirits and at the same time equip you and your family with the right wisdom needed in building a God-fearing family.

The Bible teaches us that the word of God is alive and active. A family is a significant unit composed of people with diverse characters. One of your kids, unfortunately, might have a 'demon' in him that needs exorcising. You might be fighting a losing battle without prayer, fasting, and the word of God. The good news is that family devotions encourage believers to adhere to the principles of Christ, something that might bring a revival to your family.

Recall, Good is your heavenly father. Since He knows you by name, God is the only one who can save your family from eternal doom. Christianity teaches us that there is life after death and that you can either descend to hell or ascend to heaven based on your deeds on earth. Family devotions largely help you nurture a meaningful relationship with the King of Kings, all in the hope of living even after death.

Families of this age and time are a shattered lot all because members of the unit rarely find the time for communion. To get more info about family devotions, visit davidservant.com. Growing rifts are the number one cause of broken marriages leave alone families. Family devotions bring God into the mix and as the creator; He is able to fix the cracks in your relationships. In short, family devotions encourage bonds and thus their need. Learn more from https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/devotion.