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Gunsmithy Blog: The myth and technicalities of the suppressed revolver

SGTHocMay 15, 2018, 4:07:46 AM

A supressed revolver is a very tricky thing. Due to the gap that exists between cylander and the barrel there is a lot of space for hot gases to escape leaving a lot of flash and noise to come out. This basically means that a simple mounting of a can on the muzzle of a revolver will allow for a reduction in the noise and flash of the round, but will likely not be eye and ear safe as the cylinder gap will still give off enough noise to damage hearing. Still, if you are interested and have a very slight gap on the cylinder it can work.

During the Vietnam War, many tunnel rats were outfitted with suppressors to help them clear tunnels. Again, it wasn't a perfect solution but the alternative was completely unsuppressed. In addition to the supressor they were outfitted with top of the line, for that time anyway, red dot sight. 

Later on Knights Armament Company produced a rifle for an Army program. The program specified a rifle, capable of multiple shots, with a high degree of accuracy, that does not eject the shells. The design was for what they would call an approach gun, not really meant for combat with another dude who a has a rifle trained on you, but great for knocking out lights or small animals that may alert guards. Very coolprojects have come from approach guns, but ultimately that is about how far the military has taken suppressors so far.

So that's it, can a revolver be supressed? Sure, but it would be imperative of the shooter to pick the revolver that is best suited for it.

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