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Is it possible to fix my own Mobile Phone?

susan95May 11, 2018, 8:15:36 PM

Mobile phones have become indispensable gadgets in barely a quarter of a century. Like any other gadget, this electronic device can also require fixing from time to time. Getting someone to fix your mobile phone may not be your first option, especially since these repair service providers tend to charge rather high fees. So being aware of some ways how you can go about fixing your mobile phone can spare you time as well as save you money. But before that, one will need to identify where the problem lies.

Considerations relating to mobile phone devices, networks, and mobile operating systems

With the high demand for mobile phones, it was to be expected that there were going to be numerous brands on the market. Well-known brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and LG, remain popular, but there are also other options on the market, which are often affordable too. These are also offering dual sim mobiles, which have become the norm nowadays.

If you are planning to buy a mobile phone, most customers tend to look for the latest mobile phone deals that offer various features. However the more features there are, the more prone your mobile phone gets to problems such as lack of memory space and slowing down. Moreover, paying for features that will rarely be used or serve no purpose, is basically useless. So even though it is wise to buy one of the best mobile phones, rather than something cheaper, you should bear in mind that specs do matter. You are bound to be looking for some of the most popular mobile phone deals around while in the process of buying a mobile phone, but make sure to strike the right balance between quality and price.

Apart from the mobile phone that you choose, you will also need to consider which mobile network you are going to opt for. Mobile network service providers include Vodafone, 3 UK, and Giffgaff. Mobile operating systems such as Android, iPhone OS, and BlackBerry interface with the information that network operators relay to the device, and other apps. This information is then presented in a user-friendly fashion. These operating systems are also referred to as platforms. There can be problems with these as well.

General problems with mobile phones

If your mobile phone is not working as well as it should, there could be one or more problems underlying the problem. So you will first need to identify exactly where the problem lies to address it properly. The following are some of the most common problems with mobile phones:

a. Battery and recharging problems;

b. Damaged screen;

c. Water damage;

d. Defects in the motherboard;

e. Camera replacement;

f. Headphone jacks;

Tools for repairing mobile phones

The circuitry inside a smartphone is very small, and so one will need to use very small tools to tackle these tiny parts and components. The good news is that these tools do not cost a lot and they can be used for other purposes such as repairing watches, spectacles, and computers. The list of tools that are better kept at hand for repairing a mobile phone include -

a. A Screwdriver kit - It is always best to have a screwdriver kit because the screws inside a mobile phone are really small, and one would not be able to remove them otherwise.

b. Special heads for screwdrivers - to prevent unauthorized people from tampering with the inner parts of the smartphone, many mobile phones have screws that are difficult to open. So if you want to try to repair your mobile phone yourself, you are going to need such corresponding heads of screwdrivers at your disposal.

c. Magnifying glasses for mobile repairing – being so small, you will need a magnifying glass to enlarge the parts within your mobile phone. Most of these magnifying glasses come with a stand thereby making the task of fixing the mobile phone much easier.

d. Pry tools - these are used to open or separate the parts that are actually pressed together rather than fastened with screws or glue. Many mobile phones have such systems along with a screw system.

Fixing mobile phones -

A. Battery and recharging problems

a. Battery runs out

Your mobile phone is running out of battery really quickly and it is getting on your nerves. If you are noticing an increase in the frequency for charging it, or if the mobile is taking longer than usual to get fully charged, then most likely you have a battery or recharging problem. You may try to replace the battery with a new one. It is recommended to use only device-specific batteries from original equipment manufacturers or their designated partners.

You will need to remove the back cover of your mobile phone to do this. In some phones, you will just need to slide the back cover, while in others, the cover can be flipped off at the base of the phone’s casing. The battery bay then gets exposed. Gently remove the battery and replace it with the new one. It is best to recharge it even if it comes with some charge.

b. Battery “not charging”

If the frequency of charging increases, you may wish to check the maximum charge being achieved from the battery option. This can be found in the settings area. You will also need to confirm if the charger is working properly. To confirm that it is not a faulty charger, you may try to charge a different device compatible with the charger. If there too, the same or similar problems are noticed, it is time to replace your mobile phone charger.

B. Damaged screen problem

Dead pixels are an indication of damage to the smartphone screen. Buying a screen randomly will not do as you will need an exact replacement. After finding the right screen for your smartphone model, the dismantling process starts. First, the back cover has to be removed, and after it, the motherboard. Once the motherboard is removed, the screen becomes visible. The expensive models have screens that have a digitizer fused with the glass, which means that if the smartphone is dropped accidentally, replacing the screen can become very expensive. The screens that do not have digitizer fused like that are more affordable.

C. Water damage

Not all mobile phones are waterproof. Should your mobile phone fall in the water, or get wet, don’t give up hope though. Remember NOT TO SWITCH IT ON or OFF. Use a water absorbing method such as uncooked rice, so as to help absorb away the water from it. It may take a week for the water to be absorbed if you place the mobile phone in a rice bag.

D. Defects in the motherboard

This is one of the most problematic of all. When buying a motherboard, you have to buy one that is the exact type of the model of your mobile phone. The user manual can be a good source of this information here. To replace the motherboard, again flip off or slide the back cover of the mobile phone. The motherboard may be held in its specific place with screws and in most cases, these will have to be removed.

The screen is linked to the motherboard with plug-in connectors and so these will need to be plugged out. The parts are delicate so you need to be extremely careful. Next, reverse the process. First plug in the screen to the new motherboard, then place the motherboard where the previous motherboard was, and fasten it with screws. Finally cover the back of the device, with the panel, and fasten it with screws if necessary. Before using it, shake it gently to confirm that all of the parts inside are fastened properly. If not, the back cover may have to be opened once more to tighten all the connectors and screws inside.

E. Camera replacement

External damages to cameras are quite rare, but internally the sensors may have to be replaced. The camera unit is normally connected to the motherboard by a single cable, which can be disconnected quite easily in most cases. If there are external cracks, disconnecting the camera board from the motherboard may not be necessary. Accessing the internal sensors is only possible through the smartphone’s rear cover and the camera will be there as a single unit. It is possible to buy this unit so as to replace it. Again it is better to buy one from the original manufacturer.

F. Headphone jacks

Frequent usage of headphones with smartphones can shake things up internally. Headphone jack units are available for sale. Obviously, you will need to make sure that they are compatible with the model of your mobile phone. The unit is plugged on to the motherboard in the device and is not difficult to replace.


While the above list is not exhaustive, and some of these problems require a higher level of skill and dexterity, most repairs carried out on mobile phones are doing it yourself repairs. If, however, the mobile phone is still under warranty, then taking it to an authorized dealer or tech support is the best option. Considering the innumerable purposes a mobile phone serves, knowing the different problems that can arise, and how to resolve them is a very good idea.