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Custom Resistor Manufacturing and What You Should Know About It

thebestmanufacturingguideMay 9, 2018, 12:45:34 AM

The idea of working with resistors whose values are already predetermined by the manufacturer may not go well with many circuit designers for a number of reasons. First, the circuit that they intend to build may require resistors whose values are unavailable in the market. For this reason, they may be forced to pair up resistors so that certain resistances can be obtained in a given circuit.

Circuit designers will agree that such an approach is a too expensive one and may not be in line with the best standards of circuit designs. The reason for this is that it cannot be guaranteed that the paired resistors can work in tandem at all times. There is a room for one of the paired resistors to fail and this can give rise to voltage leakages across the circuit. The effect of this could be the destruction of appliances which are sensitive to certain voltage amounts in the circuit. The only workaround for this would be to consider custom resistor manufacturing services.

Custom resistors are those that are designed and made by the manufacturer following the orders of a client. Such resistors are made with the considerations for all the specifications the buyer gave to the manufacturers. In such a case, the resistors made tend to meet specific user needs that would be almost impossible to attain when off the shelf resistors are considered. With this kind of precision, the resistors are better created to give the best and the most precise results when they are used in circuits, something that makes them to be preferred to other types of resistors. Learn more about the high wattage resistors.

Finally, custom resistors other than the fact that they can be of the right precision can be used when there is a need for branded resistors. This is necessary for cases where manufacturers are interested in circuit boards that have components that bear their emblems. In such cases, as is the case in the manufacturing of electronic devices such as smartphones, computers or even other appliances, there is a need for the resistors used to be branded ones. Manufacturers dealing with the production of such products cannot go ahead and rebrand the readily available resistors in the market. That would prove to be a duplication of efforts. For this reason, they will have to consider the option of having the resistors branded all the way from the manufacturer.