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Learn About Air Injection Systems

toyotaautoparts49May 9, 2018, 12:35:15 AM

This is a method of decreasing the emissions of exhaust through air injection into every port of the exhaust of the engine to ensure that the air mixt with the exhaust that is hot as well as oxidizes the gases to form water and carbon dioxide. In the past, emission control was an easy task for one to meet the required standards of emission through the air injection system. Air injection, which is also known as air pump system, was among the first extra devices for oxidation in the exhaust. Learn more about Toyota SAIS bypass kit from this website. Early systems of injection used numerous hoses as well as tubes which are placed across engine to ensure that it is inconvenient to the functioning of the engine as well as hose failure because of heat engine became very common.

Engine medication was preferring to air injection systems and it could meet the standards of emission with no extra pump system. The air injection system has various basic components and their operation which we are going to look I this article. The first basic component of the air injection system is the air supply pump. These were installed at the engine front; they were belt driven as from the crankshaft. The air supply pump draws clean air in the system through an outer filter and supply the fresh air under small pressure to every exhaust port by connecting hoses. In addition, the extra air to those emissions that are hot in the exhaust manifold will cause oxidation which results in conversion of the emissions to water and carbon dioxide.

The second basic component in air injection system is air manifolds as well as nozzles. The early systems of air injection utilized one of these two ways of delivering air to the exhaust system of the engine; the first one is on the smaller engines as outer air manifold was used which distributed the air via injection tubes to the ports for exhaust near every valve for exhaust. Visit Hewitt-Tech to get more info about Toyota SAIS bypass kit. The next method used was that in larger engines, an internal manifold for the air was used, this distributed air to the ports of exhaust which were near every valve for the exhaust via passages in the cylinder's head or the manifold of the exhaust.

The third component of air supply system is the anti-back fire valve. Back fires a fast combustion of gases that are unburnt and which can blow apart the muffler. The anti-back fire is used to prevent this.