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Why Minds Token shouldn’t be creator approved.

#MindsGaming May 5, 2018, 12:28:09 PM

The new Minds token is in testing and it is a wonderful concept and idea, however as the current reward system is still not completed fully as referrals, traffic, code , bug reports , security vulnerabilities, documentations and languages all have no assigned value. We would like to bring an issue publicly to Minds community particularly content creators, and that issue is the way reminds are currently handled vs how tokens are advertised and how this gives you the creator the shit end of the stick.

Reminds +4

A remind is given a score of +4 for each registered user that reminds your content, in this concept if a registered user reminds your content you get the plus four for the remind and they have bought and taken ownership of this content as no more points after this remind will come from that contents remind, or in other terms you do not get +1 from registered users up-voting your content on a remind and this conflicts with the Token 101 intro written by Minds, or is purposely missed. I know that they know as I myself have brought this to the attention of admins and even boosted a post about the issue.

Now before you go jumping down on reminders and how you and not they should be given points remember that a channel in essence is ad space, so they are providing an ad for your content on their ad-space so if course some rewards should be given, not only this but that user could have easily stolen the post and not given you the +4 by copying the post url and reposting.

How it should be

Content creators take a lot of time to make the great content that you see on a daily base and they not only need to but deserve to be rewarded for all of original content they make be it from a remind, a boost or share in a group. Reminders are using adspace (be it out of kindness or for the process of making rewards from these ads) and should get some type of reward for using the adspace and promoting the content.

*My recommendation is a true split .5 to each the promoter and the original creator or OP of the content.

Why it needs to be.

If Minds allows reminds to take control of the content fully we will be plagued with a bot like network of accounts that only purpose is to remind content to make money of this and not actually make new content causing content creators to lock their original content always to make any gain from the contents dropping channel and content views and interactions on the network.

I want to be on a platform that rewards its content creators for their content as well as their activity on the network, don't you?

At one point Minds felt the same way, or said they did..

{Minds WeFunder Video}

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I hope this little blog outlined the issues with the way rewards are given for reminds and how it affects the creators of original content that make the network what it is. Please feel free to comment your view :)