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Quick Questions to Ask a Roofing Company Before You Hire Them

bestresidentialroofingtipsMay 2, 2018, 3:59:07 AM

Roofing is one of the fundamental tasks of any building since the roof supports the structure of the home. It is therefore important to get the right people for the job and to do this you have to screen them by asking several questions. Some of the questions you can ask before hiring a roofing company are briefly highlighted below.

Since it is always good to check on references, the first important question to ask a roofing company is if they have current references. It is important that the roofing services that you are looking to hire has current references with which you can consult on previous work they have done. Knowing if the previous clients were happy with the previous work can help inform your decision of the roofing company.

It is a requirement that roofing company be licensed and this is another important consideration when choosing a roofing company. Before you hire a roofing company, it is important to ask if they have licenses and which kind they have. Roofing contractor license is a requirement in some states and you can also check if there are any outstanding violations on the license when screening roofing companies.

Insurance is another important question that you should ask the roofing company that you are intending to hire. In case of an accident when the work is ongoing, it is important to know that the workers will get medical care. Equally important is that you get compensation for materials damaged so that you do not have to dig deeper into your pocket and incur loses.

Where the company is physically located and their full name is another important question that you need to ask the roofing company. Roofing companies that do not provide or have a physical location is a red flag and something that you should watch out for and opt not to use when it comes to your roofing works. There are various lists out there where you can find a reliable roofing company in your area.

Before you hire a roofing company, find out if they offer warranties. The manufacturer usually offers warranties for the roofing material and roofing companies offer warranty for their work. Check with the roofing company if you are able to get the two warranties especially if they will be working with the manufacturer to supply you with the material.

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