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The Many Uses of Personalized Koozies

theestpersonalizedkooziesApr 30, 2018, 7:05:29 PM

If you want your message to come across clear to your friends and potential clients at the cheapest way possible, then you should go for personalized koozies. Custom koozies come in a wide range of colors and designs to fit your preferences and whatever use you have for them. In terms of price, it will depend on the place that you have gotten your personalized koozies from. But usually, it will range between 25 cents each to 9 dollars each online. Just make sure to shop around online so that you can find personalized koozies that fit your budget just fine.

So, why choose custom koozies? Custom koozies are a great giveaway idea because people will not have a hard time carrying them either in their pockets or in their purses. Try asking 10 women, and you will find out that 3 of them will have their own personalized koozie inside of their purses. On the other hand, if you try asking 10 men, 5 of them will have their own personalized koozie right inside their trucks or cars. Seventy percent of campers even have their own personalized koozies in their own camping gear. In addition, almost all tailgaters keep a number of personalized koozies inside of their trucks. As promotional products, personalized koozies are also the least expensive option in promoting your company during special events, special occasions, business functions, and any gathering. Know more about koozies here; https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/27/koozies-beer-coozies_n_3505941.html

You can use custom koozies for business purposes. You can have your personalized koozies mailed to your clients to tell them how much you thank them for their loyal patronage. You can even have your personalized koozies handed out during trade show events or during parades, you can throw them out. Personalized koozies are also a perfect door prize. Personalized koozies can even serve as your own business card that every person will love holding onto. Boat dealers even love giving their customers with personalized koozies so that their customers can use them while they provide them with their boat services.

Another common use for custom koozies is having them during graduations a Custom Star Wars Koozies. A lot of wedding couples opt to give their wedding guests with custom wedding koozies. These personalized koozies can leave a longer impression on your guests all the while making sure that you let them leave your event with smiles on their faces. You can have your personalized koozies have some Nerd Koozies imprints on them or the date and name of the event if you are more of the serious type.