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The DAV Technology – the Future of Transportation Services in one Network

RoonyBlackApr 30, 2018, 5:32:16 PM

About DAV

DAV is a new platform, designed for users who want to utilize their use of transportation services. It is not created solely for the people looking for a taxi alternative but also for businesses, which need to ship packages as fast as possible. The developers of the platform aim to accomplish the autonomy of means of transport. They use cars, drones and water vehicles to create an ecosystem that combines services and information for the purpose of customers without involving third parties.

The project’s main idea is to reduce costs for people, involved in transactions that need more than two parties to complete. Not only money but also time is spared. When a request does not need to go through many intermediaries, then the communication itself is faster and more efficient, which eliminates the possibility for misinformation. The DAV platform enables the direct communication between people providing certain goods or services and people, who are seeking to purchase these.

The idea is not only innovative in terms of development for the DAV platform itself but it can also be a futuristic way for a worldwide transportation evolution. As the online solutions and Internet tools progress rapidly, it is the time for blockchain technologies to create opportunities for major changes in the traditional concept of transportation. Self-driving vehicles are perceived to be the next step in the economy’s development. The DAV platform relies, therefore, mainly on robotized cars and drones, in order to provide its services to consumers, who search for a fast and reliable means of transport to go from A to B. DAV can also represent a futuristic concept for companies that need to send packages and would find a drone more useful and efficient than sending a driver to the location. Rather than spending more resources on the team member’s salary, fuel to the location and back, car amortization and time for the whole process, it would be far more reasonable to use a drone that simply picks up the parcel and then delivers it.

The DAV platform also gives the opportunity for its users to communicate directly with each other, to find fuel and energy stations, parking places, exchange experience and services, etc.

The project’s main characteristics

What the project is aiming to accomplish in the near future is a worldwide acknowledgment and usage. It is intending to be the first company that gives to opportunity to earn and pay via tokens for transportation reliable services of high quality and use advanced technology to complete the needed transactions. The company has already successfully launched the first drone that completed a delivery request. As a target for May 2018, DAV intends to release the network for customer’s use and develop the drone flying and charging mechanisms. In June 2018 there is a planned sale of tokens. Until the end of 2018, the company will have managed to release the first self-driving boat and develop the communication tools between involved parties. 2019 will be the year of partnerships between different means of transport, in order to complete a task and bring the package to the end destination. Also planned is the first longest drone mission with a system of stations for charging on the way.

The team consists of many specialists in different areas like software development, automotive industry, aviation, cryptocurrencies, drone creation and maintenance and others. Advisors are people with expertise in many areas. Particularly impressive are the former space shuttle astronaut and NASA associate administrator Dr. Scott Horowitz and the former CTO of General Motors – Dr. Alan Messer. The company has also established partnerships in the automotive industry.

The whitepaper is 24 pages long and describes the vision and mission of the company in a serious manner. We can clearly recognize that the main goals are achievable and will contribute for a better tomorrow of the transportation industry and delivery services. Although it is a very descriptive text, it lacks pictures and graphics for a visual representation and nowhere is the main logo included, so that the reader can correspond with the project’s visual characteristics. However, the website is colorful and compensates completely. Its main colors are black and orange and in the background there is a major city road that matches the idea of the company itself. There are different tabs with links for each section, which makes it easy to find the information the reader is looking for. There is also a quick tab to enter your email address, in order to register yourself and be a part of the project.

The company uses the DAV token, which is measured as 1ETH = 10,000 DAV Tokens. The hardcap or maximum sale is 54,286 ETH (which equals $38M). The token sale is planned to start on 11.06.2018 and will end with the sale of all tokens or on 25.06.2018, whichever event is first to come. Also the token type is Ethereum ERC20 Standard. The company has set a minimum (0.2 ETH) and a maximum purchase amount (150 ETH). The maximum token supply is set to be 1,771,428,571 DAV.

What I like about the DAV project

What I find truly impressive and inspiring about the project is how it is focused on the future of transportation services. In a world, surrounded by latest technology and modern robotized services, the need to optimize the processes connected to delivering goods and services in a fast and secure way grows rapidly. That is exactly why the DAV project is expected to be a successful transformation of the traditional means of transport in a new autonomous and decentralized network. Information has never been this valuable before, and the possibilities the DAV project is about to give us are countless. Not only we have the opportunity to transport people and packages in the most efficient way possible, but also the DAV company plans to enlarge the usage of drones and robotics to help in the accomplishment of tasks, which have been impossible to reach in such a short period of time by people until now.

The need to combine technology and different vehicles, in order to complete urgent errands, is now within our scope and we are given the complete set of information, cars, ships, charging stations, parking lots, etc. on call when needed. Not only that this technology saves time and money but also we can customize and plan every step of the process within the DAV network only by a simple click.

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DAV Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf

DAV Official Website: https://dav.network/

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