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Multiversum- the 4th Generation Helping the New Generation

mirofameApr 29, 2018, 7:20:01 PM


Multiversum is a 4th generation blockchain system, which brings this type of platforms to a whole new level. In spite of data sequencing, the platform offers complex data organization opening the gates to a greater scalability. What is more, in the Multiversum’s ecosystem would be used ERC20/ERC23 integration which, in a combination with the good qualities of already existing ecosystems, is going to grant a new, better future for the people, interested in cryptocurrencies.

The platform offers innovations and advantages, which have never been put together, in order to achieve the best possible combination of security, reliability and organization of transactions. The transaction speed would be significantly faster; the whole project would be eco-friendly and would not harm our nature in any way. One of the main innovations is the Proof of Integrity, which will offer security and will assure the Multiversum’s users that their fund transfers would not suffer any damages.

Talking about security, I could not miss mentioning the Double Access Lock and Reverse Access Denial, which are there to make sure that your privacy and transactions are very well- protected.

The tokens used on the platform are called MTV and the official price per 1MTV is equal to $1, but in order for the company to be profitable and the early investors to be encouraged, there would be bonuses, for which you can read in the ICO section below.

The language used for coding on the Multiversum’s chain is Java script. The platform’s approach is one through Horizontal scalability, which would be achieved with the help of 2 functions. The first one is Chainsplit, which means that when a chain is required, it would temporarily split into more chains and form a web, in order to spread the workload. This would continue until all the necessary processes are done. When this is achieved, the chain would become whole again. The second method is Data sharding, which basically allows the data’s distribution among multiple nodes.

The project looks very ambitious and has really good technological features.


The Roadmap of the Technical part of the project begins in March, 2018 when the pre-ICO took place. Right after this follows the main sale in April and in June the development of the expanded team is on the run. As you can see, the company is not wasting its time and is constantly moving forward. The next six months are reserved for the database management system on chain abstractions, drivers, and libraries, and also for the control and update system. The first six months of 2019 are scheduled, too. In the first three months, the mobile app would be available for Android, web use, and also iOS. The second three ones- external Ethereum-like apps System would be brought to life.


The whole project could not be this successful without the awesome team behind it and mostly without the founders of the company. Let’s take a look at these fabulous people. The main founder of Multiversum is Andrea Taini. He worked as a Software Developer at IBM and then as a Software Designer at Ericsson. His next workplace was MICROS Systems and he was a Software Architect and a Senior Java Developer. For two years he worked at KBC Bank as a Senior IT Architect and after all of these great workplaces, he dedicated himself to Multiversum.

The other founder is Michele Roscelli. In 2007 he started as an IT Specialist in WY Group and he was also an Advisor of HydroMiner. At present, he is working as a Principal Solutions Engineer in BOARD International.

Matteo Monti is the third out of four co-founders of Multiversum. He is a Digital Marketing Consultant, with a specialization in Social Marketing Planning. Since 2006 he is also a Technical Designer and what is more, he is familiar with the cryptocurrency market since 2008.

Last, but not least- the fourth co-founder- Matteo Peterlini. He has more than 24 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director. He mastered his abilities working for companies like Quantum, Pausenraum, and even his own company- Matteo Paterlini Design.

The Advisory team consists of three main knowledgeable people, aiming higher and higher, in order to help the company make the best decisions for it. There is also a small team of Security Advisors.


The Multiversum’s partners are well-known big companies, which are offering their help for the sake of the better opportunities and the bright future of the project. Their names are Green Will, European Chamber and Token Desk.


First of all, I was fascinated with the fact that the Whitepaper is available on no less than 20 languages like English, of course, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish, etc. This is one major step towards the expanding of the interest in the platform. The Whitepaper consists of a total of 43 pages, where you can read all about the project, its idea and also about its future plans on expanding the company.


The site is also providing its visitors with the right to chose from 11 languages in which it would be more convenient for them to understand better the information given. There the people, interested in the idea, can find more information about the team members, the Roadmap, and the ICO.


The token sale was divided into two main periods- the pre-ICO and the main ICO.

The first one started on 1st March, 2018 and ended on end of the same month. During this time the Soft Cap, which was 5 000 000 USD was reached.

The main sale’s starting date is 1st May, 2018 and it will end on 10th June, 2018. The target (or the Hard Cap), which is expected to be reached, is 35 000 000 USD and there would be bonuses in every two weeks.

The total tokens supply is 141 000 000 MTV and they are distributed between the team members, the investors, the collaborators, and the advisors.


When I went to check the platform’s social accounts I was not disappointed at all. Its Facebook account has a total of 17 809 followers, in Twitter it is followed by 1 053 people. Moving on to Telegram, where I found out that the Multiversum’s fan base consists of more than 3 970 members.

⚠️Why do I like the Project❓

I think that this platform is for everyone, who is interested in decentralized blockchain technology. This is the perfect ICO for them, because it tries to deal with all the existing problems in this field and makes it an easier and an eco-friendly way of dealing with cryptocurrencies. Another positive factor is the fact that it is offering its investors more secure and advanced API structures.

Everyone, keen on the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies is surely in the right place to do so. In conclusion, I really think that the platform is suitable for the very needs of every person, who wants not only to join the cryptoworld, but also to do it in the best way possible.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Multiversum’s Website: https://www.multiversum.io/

Multiversum’s Whitepaper: https://www.multiversum.io/whitepaper/WP_English.pdf

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