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That Splinter in Your Mind

Luminous▼SovereignOct 25, 2019, 5:25:08 PM

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You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.” — Morpheus - The Matrix

That splinter in your mind, that confusion that still remains, even through all your research and spiritual endeavors, may come from not understanding the other-worldly higher-dimensional control and manipulation that has been exerted on this world for thousands of years. I have come across many different sources that explain this system of control, it is mentioned in various ancient scriptures, it is explained by the Gnostics, some Tibetan monks allude to it, some higher dimensional channeled beings talk about it, as do some modern day researchers, truthers and people with astral and etheric experience. Some of these controlling and manipulating other-worldly beings are referred to as the Archons by researchers - the Gnostics used that term. 

This information is based on a great deal of research and connecting many dots. I know this is perhaps going to be a bit ‘way out there’ for some people, but it is just what you seem to end up with when you keep researching and going down the rabbit hole. If you haven’t heard some of this information before then, as with any new challenging concept, just allow yourself to contemplate it, or put in a little imaginary box for a later date if you want, but i would also suggest that - just like with any new concept - don’t just throw it away, it limits your ability to expand your mind. Some may not like what I have to say, it will conflict with some of their beliefs, but I am just giving people the opportunity to contemplate this and perhaps look into it themselves if they haven’t come across this information before.

The world, this Earth, will probably only really start making sense for you when you research and understand some of the complex, highly manipulative and technologically advanced, multi-dimensional control of humanity that has been coming from other-worldly beings, that are out of humans sight in the fourth dimension. Although this may sound like some sort of sci-fi movie - at some point, a long time ago, they came to Earth, and manipulated humanity, eventually taking over the Earth. They messed with humans DNA and genetics - taking away humans, what some would call, advanced spiritual abilities - such as telepathy, clairvoyance, third eye capabilities etc - so they could disconnect humanity from the other very loving sentient beings in the universe and from Source, and then easily control humanity.The good news is that all evidence suggests control is very much fading and coming to an end and we are moving collectively into a hugely expansive collective ascension process. It will all be exposed to the masses hopefully in the not too distant future with a disclosure.

The Earth has been a prison planet, a slave planet for thousands of years - amongst other things humans have been farmed for their energy - their energy of fear - these beings have, in a sense, fed off human fear. You only have to look out our economic and financial system - it is insane. The whole money debt system is an ancient slave system still being used today to enslave humanity. The deceptive and manipulative reincarnation cycle/process and the totally illogical wiping of soul memory between incarnations is a part of this complex system of control. Do you really think that in all the infinite universes this is the way souls evolve - having their memory wiped between physical lives, over and over again? What purpose does that serve other than making it very difficult to evolve your consciousness and see through the Archon’s control systems, lies and manipulations. And the only way you could escape the reincarnation process on this planet was to release all and every attachment to all physicality and all etheric and astral world experiences, every single last bit - what’s that all about? Does that seem logical to you?

Become more conscious, raise your vibration, love yourself, manifest a joyful life, let go of your fearful beliefs, become more loving to others, more forgiving, more appreciative, more compassionate, more service to others, that is very important - that helps to override the fear they continuously try to create, but also don’t become naive regarding the collective consciousness and its manipulators, all is not as it seems. Don’t believe what the mainstream media is currently telling you - it is pure manipulation, see through the lies, and in turn you help others see through the lies. It is control through fear. Become informed - don’t let them lower your vibration. Don’t let the manipulators divide humanity. Letting go of the fearful beliefs and loving yourself and each other = no food for the controllers. Humanity becoming united and informed = no control for the Elite.

These Western world’s so called ‘terrorist events’ are false flags, psyops, set ups, manipulations, deceptions - coordinated by, banking families, secret shadow governments and secret societies. Most of the larger scale shootings in America are not just false flags but total hoaxes, with not one person actually dying - they are so obviously hoaxes it insults human intelligence - all for the agenda of trying to get people to hand over their guns so they can have more control over the population. The same people who set up these events own the mainstream media and hollywood, and they understand the nature of humanity’s collective consciousness and how to manipulate it, to push forward certain agendas. These politicians in ‘power’ that you see in America, the UK, Israel, France, Germany etc, are the puppets, actors, deceivers for these banking families, shadow governments and secret societies who worship and serve these fading and dispersing other-worldly beings. They are getting desperate as the consciousness of humanity is increasing greatly because of new transformative consciousness raising energies that are hitting the Earth - that’s why you are seeing so many fabricated events, so called terrorist acts - to try to attempt to maintain some control and push through their controlling agenda - they want total control over all aspects of humanity.

I am not saying you should just take my word for it, if you feel so inclined educate yourself, research fearlessly - open your mind to possibilities - with your feeling centre open, connect to your intuition, with an open heart, with love, knowing that as you see through each lie and manipulation it benefits humanity’s collective and all your billions of human brothers and sisters - don’t allow it to lower your vibration though. If you do research this be prepared to perhaps let go of belief after belief, see where it leads you - some get to the secret societies, banking families and shadow governments manipulating the world, which some refer to as the Illuminati, which is great, but then they don’t go beyond that - if you can, open your mind and go beyond even that to who or what controls them? Truth is often stranger than fiction.

People often just don’t put the hours in, because this slave system that is in place keeps people very busy just trying to get by - or they get side-tracked by one of the many sets of prison belief systems. Religions - and sometimes even the non-religious spiritual belief movements or schools of thought - are there to side track you, to confuse you. And those in control, or should I say, those who are losing their control, have not been too worried if a few individuals get into some sort of altered states of consciousness through very prolonged meditation, as long as you aren’t awakening or igniting your disconnected DNA and your multidimensionality, and or your suppressed ‘advanced’ abilities - and they manipulate the astral too anyway. What they really do not want is you connecting with other advanced loving beings beyond Earth’s quarantine - the quarantine/energy grid around the Earth - created by the negative controlling beings using their otherworldly advanced technologies.

They just don’t want you to be able to see through the manipulation - alerting people to the control mechanisms they have and the illusions they spin. They don’t want to lose their energetic food source. But they can’t actually stop humanity reigniting their multidimensionality and spiritual abilities etc… as the consciousness raising energy that is hitting the Earth means they are fighting a losing battle.

So much of this world is a distraction - distractions are continuously set up purposely so you don’t work it out, to try and keep you in fear and a low vibration. They are there, behind the scenes, using their human puppets to continually trying to divide and confuse humanity and create a sense of fear and powerlessness, and keep humans so busy and in a stressful state you don’t have the time to work out their manipulation of world events. Stop allowing them to make humans unnecessarily fight or compete with each other - become service to others, rather than just service to self - it is much more uplifting and beneficial vibrational state for yourself and the collective. See through their lies, and then those lies lose their power over the collective consciousness.

They really don’t want humans to know about humans power - humans power to change things individually through the power of our thoughts, conscious intentions, imagination and emotions - and also collectively - they don’t want us to know the great transformative power of humanity’s united collective consciousness and the transformative power of the energy of Love. Loving group visualization meditations can have big effects on the collective consciousness. And to reiterate, all evidence suggests we are moving as a collective into a much more expansive multidimensional loving Earth experience, that the control and manipulation is falling apart, more and more people are waking up. Humans can help it fall apart and change more quickly if they unite, move into more loving states of being and open their hearts - combined with becoming more informed and discerning