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How To Choose The Best Custom Koozies

cheappersonalizedkooziesApr 21, 2018, 4:12:19 PM

Koozies are cylindrical insulators for beer can and beer bottles that are usually made from foam and cloth and sold at convenience stores. Is one of the essential things that should always be accompanied whether it is for business clients, family or friends. It will help you keep your drinks cold, therefore, preventing wastage. Custom beer koozies assist people in the business world as an advertising tool by stamping their company logos, address, phone numbers, and website. It motivates the buyers to keep the koozies for future use and also it will always remind them of the company they purchased the beverage. The koozie lasts for longer than a business card which can easily get lost. It can be used on different occasions especially in special events like trade shows or to inform their best customers to promote their sale.

They can be used in weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays and during Christmas to pass messages like who will be the guest of honor alongside with the occasion date. They can be designed in different colors of your wish from pictures to decorative items like beads and other creations you have in mind. The koozie can be made from different materials such as plastic, stainless steel and any other of your choice. Their sizes can be made from in between 10 oz. to 20 oz. Tall and can fit on bottles up as big as 35. In a case of a wedding ceremony, the designer will be able to adjust hairstyles as well as color so that the length and cut match those in a photo that can be sent by mail. Adding colors to your material makes one get other more ideas of styles that can work.

The most preferred custom koozies are the once that one can design and make by themselves. Those koozies that are homemade they can be made from collecting different materials from the house such as socks, old sweaters and other old clothing which afterward they can be decorated using glitters or feathers. The materials easily stick to the surface with glue or one can prefer using a sewing machine or by crocheting one by hand to give it a nice look. It's for you to decide the method you prefer in coming up with a koozie either purchasing them and get them made professionally by a company or do it by yourself. Using both ways you will still end up enjoying it most for keeping your drink cold. For more info about custom koozies click: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koozie.