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The effect of bean sprouts on your health should be known

Letter to the FutureApr 20, 2018, 4:04:53 AM

Beans are high in vitamins and proteins, but they are low in calories, and in the process they are converted into simple sugars that help the body to digest and absorb.

Comparing the nutrients of bean sprouts with the nutritional components when it is bean, the researchers found that the nutritional quality of bean sprouts increased remarkably.

Vitamin B2 increased 2-fold, carotene increased 2-fold, vitamin C increased 40-fold, vitamin B12 increased 10-fold, group B increased 30-fold.


Thanks to the superior nutrients produced during germination, bean sprouts have special uses as listed below:

Scientists around the world have identified soy sprouts as a food rich in female plant hormones.

Soy sprouts contain many amino acids, calcium and minerals to help prevent bone aging. Soybeans as a gift of nature, help women prolong the youth, enhance physiological.

Soybeans are considered nutritious foods, rich in protein, vitamin E, C in natural form. Especially in soy sprouts contains isoflavones also known as estrogenic herbs, suitable for women after birth and beyond the age of thirty.

In the bean sprouts contain many oxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C. These substances are effective to absorb ultraviolet rays, cleanse the black spots on the face, reduce wrinkles and dark circles, make your face less dry, smooth white smooth.

As a result, health experts say that live bean sprouts have a long-lasting effect, which is good in cases of sexual dysfunction, and also affects the unborn baby, which is good for pregnant women. , prevention of miscarriage.

With unexplained high blood pressure, people usually use green bean paste soup to thoroughly filter the water to about 100 ml, 2 times a day in the morning to help lower blood pressure.

Protein-rich bean paste (containing 40%, nearly milk) should be a good vegetarian dish. Fat in the price does not fill up the belly, and supplying essential fatty acids to brain cells should be a good food for the mentally ill.

Japanese people use green bean daily as a traditional dish. Thus, women in the Kyodo region have higher rates of estrogen (female hormone) than other women in the East, "effectively preventing menstrual irregularities, slowing down menopause and prolonged youth.

Asian women are less likely to suffer cardiovascular disease, with a 4 kg diet compared to no-cost diets. In general, the price of beans is higher than the beans in both quality and quantity and that is one of the wonders of the price.

Through the process of immersion, the price will have higher levels of protein, amino acids and vitamin C. According to ancient books, prices for medicine should choose the type of fat, short about 3 cm.

Because fast-growing, much, good for health and cheap, should be called "food of the new generation," the "food of the future." Because of the high levels of vitamin A, C, E, green bean sprouts also reduce free radicals, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle (especially breast cancer, rectal cancer) degeneration, some incurable diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer's (dementia of the elderly).

In general, the price is often used for people with laryngitis, sports fatigue, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, high blood cholesterol, rare late miscarriage.

The price is usually used for people with laryngitis, sports fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attack, high blood cholesterol, infertility, easy miscarriage

In particular, the bean sprouts contain the compound isoflavones - estrogen type is considered the natural pharmacy, help women prolong the youth, enhance physiological.