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Brietta and Annika experience help as Aden, a strange youthful metal forger who consents to enable them to fashion the materials together once they are found. Together, they discover the materials in the most irregular of ways, producing them into a Wand of Light filmywap apk . After it transforms Brietta once again into a human, help lands from Cloud Kingdom as pegasuses that take the princesses to Wenlock's palace for the last confrontation, going separate ways with Aden.

Along the way, Wenlock shows up, takes the Wand of Light and covers Annika in ice, in spite of the fact that Aden and Brietta spare her and the ladies at Cloud Kingdom mend her. Annika, Aden and Brietta travel to Wenlock's manor while the ladies attempt to defer the nightfall to give them additional time. As Brietta protects the pegasuses, Aden and Annika ice-skate into Wenlock's stronghold as the Wand of Light is energetic to his past three spouses, who eventually offer it to Annika. Breaking the majority of Wenlock's spells and returning him to his previous forlorn poor person express, his three spouses constrain him to fill in as how he had tyrannized over them previously. Annika returns home with Brietta and Aden, whose father additionally excuses him. Aden and Annika get hitched and ice-skate together in Cloud Kingdom.Elina is currently an upbeat pixie now with her wings.

Be that as it may, dangers sprout in the Bogs of the Hinterland as Laverna's Fungi flunkies have caught Prince Nalu, Elina's companion, to compel him to locate a specific Immunity Berry that will make the eater insusceptible to all types of enchantment, paying little heed to time. Elina goes to Mermaidia, the mermaid kingdom, to look for assistance from Nori, a resolved mermaid with a mystery pulverize on Nalu, and needs nothing to do with Elina. While at first keeping up a rough relationship, they counsel Delphine the Oracle, an infinitely knowledgeable animal who instructs them to go into the Depths of Despair, an illegal and unnerving spot that will demonstrate to them the response to any issue, including how to spare Nalu. Delphine cautions Elina of the likelihood of surrendering her wings for a tail, yet guarantees they will be returned back to her as long as she gets above water before the pearls of a charmed neckband totally turn white. Elina takes the neckband and surrenders her wings to safeguard a caught Nori in the Depths of Despair. They discover Nalu tied up on shore, and effectively spare him. Lamentably, the Fungus knows the area of the Immunity Berry in return for the counteractive action of toxin dirtying Mermaidia. The trio, including Bibble, figure out how to get the Immunity Berry from the Fungus similarly as Elina achieves arrive getting a handle on it.

Be that as it may, when Fungus undermines to drop the toxic substance into the water, Elina hands it over while the Fungus double-crosses the arrangement and drops the vial. Elina jumps into the water and shuts the vial, yet the pearls turn white and she turns into a mermaid for all time. Gratefully, Nori had figured out how to switch the Immunity Berry given to the Fungus with a berry that uncovers your actual self. Elina eats the berry that uncovers your actual self, and changes once more into a pixie, this time with more excellent, butterfly wings. Before she leaves for home, Nori likewise admits her adoration to Nalu. In the interim, Laverna eats the berry that uncovers your actual self, mixing up it for the Immunity Berry, and changes into an appalling frog.