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dragonSep 2, 2018, 7:35:30 PM

People new to Minds often ask those of us who have been around here a while how it is possible that -- having spent a token to get 1000 views on a post -- they got not one "Like". Not one. Minds can give you exposure. If you promoted a post for 1000 views, then it went by the center of the screen 1000 times. It's up to you though, not to Minds, to make people want to click on it. There's no sense in yelling at the folks in Help and Support. I know this perhaps isn't what you were hoping to hear but it has the virtue of being true. 

New people here often post challenges, say "Let's see how many people will subscribe to me!" Probably no one if you don't offer something. 

No, not a toaster. Minds is a wondrous place, with something for everyone. We all moreover have something to give Minds. Finding what that is however takes listening and participating, not instant promoting.

Ideologically we're an immensely diverse crowd. So "Like" things you like, "Remind" if it's really good, "Comment" when you genuinely have a good question or knowledge to offer, "Subscribe" to channels that fascinate you, and sure, do "Mute Notifications" and "Block" if you wish (just under NO circumstances put an ad in someone's comment line.) 

To develop a sense of what folks would regard as a real contribution, what they would respond to from you, you need to have a sense of who's here, what interests them -- and what it is that no one else is providing this community as well as you could. It's cliched because it's true: to have people join your conversations, first join theirs, offer your presence, intelligently.

Instead of sending up flares, come explore....

This should help: 
Dragon's Interactive Treasure Trove for Learning and Using Minds.com