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Orchid species make medicine in Vietnam

namgiangnetApr 14, 2018, 12:45:39 PM

Many orchids in addition to being used as ornamental plant is a precious medicine used by Oriental medicine. Among them, some medications are becoming increasingly rare.


The phylum, also known as the fig tree, is the root of the dried or dried roots of the tree Gastrodia Elata Blume family Lan Orchidaceae, the drug was first recorded in the book.


Heaven sweet taste, can Business.

Main Ingredients: gastrodin, gastrodioside, vannillyl, vanillin, alkaloid, vitamin A. Recently proven: Gastrointin is a major component and has been made artificially.

Pharmacological effects according to traditional medicine: the immediate effect of business only, positive potential positive. Management of the evidence: seizures seizures, damage room (tetanus), canal, headache dizziness dizziness.

Results of modern pharmacological research:

- Thien ma has a sedative effect against convulsions.

- The drug has an analgesic effect, the analgesic effect of wild type is stronger than the type of plant. Artificial insemination and artificial insemination also have analgesic effect. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

- Celiac disease enhances blood flow in the heart and brain, reduces blood vessel resistance, dilates peripheral blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, enhances oxygen tolerance of test animals. Experiment.

- Polysaccharide of the active immortelle.


Epiglottis: phantom limb: paradise, room phong, activator, condoms, nam tinh, the same amount of fine powder, each drink 3 - 6g, 2-3 times a day, drink with boiling water or alcohol.

Headache dizziness dizziness: Thien ma complete: 15g ghost, cross the frame 5g, complete, each drink 3 - 6g, 3 times.

Treatment of joint pain, limb numbness:

- Cucumber 10g, natural 10g, all 3g, 5g frankincense, fine powder to complete the lake or drink.

- Thien ma: natural ma, solemn, burdock, solstice, dies, rules, births are 10g, 12g, 12g flour, fine powder to complete bile. 3 times a day, 6g each. Treatment of joint pain due to low welding conditions.

Dosage and attention: the usual dose: 3 - 10g. The powdered powder is 1 - 1.5g / time.


Dendrobium nobile Lindl, other name is clamp, royal flattened, imperial diamond, imperial chicken legs, huỳnh draft; Spreading players are called fliers or double nicks. It is a sub-cultivar, growing on large branches or cliffs. Flat flattened with a longitudinal groove, narrow stalk side, thicker topside, light yellow. Leaves are short. Flowers pink or white pink, forming a short beam in the interrupted leaves. Rhubarb. The herb on the small to large, like the box, grows in the rocky mountain should be called rocket. In our country, jellyfish grow much in the North and Central.


According to ancient documents, jelly sweet, light, cold, into three business, taste and kidney.

Dose 6 - 15g, fresh dose of 15 - 30g, medication should be given in advance.

Fresh and fresh.

Do not use in case of low damage.

Main ingredients: Herba Dendrobii - dendrobine, dendranine, nobilonine, dendroxine, dendrin, 6-hydroxy-dendroxine.

Pharmacological effect: have a cooling effect, mild pain relief. Increased gastric secretion, gastrointestinal support, increased intestinal motility and clearance, but high doses, the opposite effect paralyzed intestinal muscle. Low levels of drug have the effect of excretory excretion of rabbit, high concentration of inhibitory effect. Jelly has the effect of increasing the blood glucose level at an average level. High amount of Jelly can inhibit respiration, heart, lower blood pressure.

In case of thirst, dry mouth, can use 8-16g jasmine, good drink, if high fever combined with gypsum, tri, good use.

Treatment of heat (usually mouth ulcers), accompanied with nausea, nausea (chronic gastritis): use the article:

Lemon balm 12g, northern sa ginseng 16g, circuit board, chalk, white bean, fresh squid 12g each, fresh bean sprout (live bean sprouts) 16g, good drink.

Thirst quencher: 12g chrysanthemum, 24g chrysanthemum, tri sample 16g, 12g circuit, 20g ginseng, 20g bio, 4g transmission, good drink.

Some of the drug experience has geckos:

Cough medicine flatulence: 6g jelly, 4g freezing circuit, 4g gel electrophoresis, 4g ceilings; 300ml, 200ml, drinking in the day.

Antirrheal treatment: 6g rhizome, 4g circulatory system, five ginseng, ginseng, licorice, cucumber, liver, weight every 4g; 300ml, 200ml, divided into 3 times a day.


Acacia sprouts in many highland cool in our country such as Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Son, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang ...

White ginkgo is also called birch, orange root, intercropped. Lan family. In the summer, at the beginning of the branches are very beautiful flowers, purple color. Bitter sweet wax, weldability Definition of business, can, taste.

There are many places in the world that have studied the use of flowers, whole body, orchid roots as medicine and also have products sold in the market.

Main Ingredients: Bletilla mannan (including mannose and glucose). In fresh roots are starch, glucose, essential oils, mucus, water.

Pharmacological effects according to traditional medicine: hemostatic bleeding, spasm of muscle.

The treatment of the symptoms: blood plasma, hemoptysis, staphylococcus, surgical trauma cause bleeding.

Currently, white ginseng is mainly used in the people, making hemostatic drugs, in cases of blood vomiting, red eyes, use to cover the pimples inflammation, inflammation. Day 4 - 12g in the form of powder or decoction.


Haemorrhagic cure: white small dispersion, drink with rice or porridge. Day 10 - 15g.

Diarrhea: small white patches, mixed with water, applied to nose bridge and drink. One to threeg.

Cure burns: small bright white, mixed with sesame oil applied.

Caution wound: 20g plaster 20g, gypsum 20g, two small canker mix, sprinkle on the wound very quickly to mouth.

Propagation paragraph:

Scientific name Pholidota chinensis Lindl, belonging to the Orchidaceae family.

Orchids have 4 to 10mm deep rhizome, up to 20cm in length, long roots, feathered, pseudocentric, 4 to 6cm high, 1cm long, each with a pair of short but fairly wide 18cm , 2.5 - 6cm wide. 10-25 cm long flowers appear in the middle of the new pseudobulbs, in the upper part of the hair is small flowers, 2cm; the leaves and petals are yellowish brown, while the lips are white, with a gold lid. Flowering in March - 7, fruit in February.

Parts used: pseudobulbs - Psendobulbus Pholidotae.

Where to live and harvest: species of South China and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the tree grows in the mountains 1,200 - 1,500m from Lao Cai (Sa Pa), Vinh Phu (Tam Dao) through Quang Tri, Kon Tum, Lam Dong (Dalat). It is also often used in pots to make a scene because the plants are full of flowers and fragrant. Harvest all year round. Use fresh, or dried then use gradually.

Properties , effect: sweet taste, cool features; The effect of thermal bar sound, chemistry only conversation, detoxification prone, blood pressure pain, new antibiotics.

Uses: used for acute and chronic bronchitis, dry cough, chronic pharyngitis; tonsillitis, toothache; pulmonary tuberculosis with blood, tuberculosis, lymph node TB; peptic ulcer, duodenum, malnutrition children; dizziness, headache, neurasthenia. Use 15 - 30g of decoction. Use outside the chronic inflammation of the bone marrow, attack damage. Freshly cut fresh leaves add to the wine.


Neurological: spreading the segment, rope red cell, each taste 30g.

Acute amenorrhea: spread fresh 30g, fresh salads 60g, fresh flowers only fresh 15g.

Aloe Vera:

Scientific name - Cymbidium aloifolium (L.) Sw, belonging to Orchidaceae.

Description: orchid or cymbidium to thick dust, pseudobulb, oval, hidden by the leaves. Leaves vary in shape, striped, rounded and have two irregular lobes in tip, long, dark green, yellowish, 0.3 - 1m long, 1.5 - 5cm wide. Bunches, up to 1 - 2m long; flowers 5cm wide, red flower brown, lips in the middle, white with pink spots, middle lobes, wrinkles. 4.5 x 3cm. Flowers February - 7, September results.

Division used: whole plant - Herba Cymbidii Aloifolii.

Where to live and harvest: Asian trees in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Trees are very popular in the plains up to the height of 800m from Son La, Quang Ninh, through Nghe An, Ha Tinh, the Central Highland provinces to Tay Ninh, Kien Giang, Con Dao are also often planted as ornamental.

Use: plants are used to bathe children with weak skin. In Quang Ninh (Tien Yen), people used to treat oranges children. Also used as a menstrual drug. Declare small, add alcohol to fill in cases of broken leg limb, swollen joints, tendon pain.