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5 Tips for Successful Strength Training

aenergyDec 18, 2018, 9:57:29 AM

If you face a slowdown in progress in strength training, then you do something wrong. The most effective tips for those who do the strength training.

Train Muscles More Frequently

Some athletes choose such training method. They divide the body into several zones and train every zone in a certain day. For example, Monday they train the chest muscles, then give them to rest till the next Monday. Such strategy force muscles to adapt to loads and lead to the effect of the training plateau. Moreover, the workouts for every muscle group should be more frequent. Also, it is necessary to alternate the workout intensity and type of exercises for the successful muscle recovery. It also will increase the muscular strength. You can also use supplements from Anabolic Energy (https://anabolicenergy.com/) for the increase the muscular strength. 

Metabolic Training

The heart is also the muscles and they also need regular loads. The best loads for the heart are 10-20 minutes of metabolic training at the end of the workout. The load during the metabolic training should be such that you can perform each exercise in 30 seconds and then another 30 seconds to rest.

Thus, you can perform 10-20 repetitions in 10-20 minutes. Use the jump on the bench, throw the ball into the wall or any other exercise of your choice.

Slow performing the exercises

During the training, muscle fibers must be damaged in order to increase the muscle mass.

The most important role plays not the weight you lift and the number of repetitions but the time that the muscles spend under the physical activity. By the way, the phase of exercise should be slow and deliberate.

Regular workouts

The program that will be performed regularly will lead the muscle growth and increase in strength. Even the most competent program does not compensate the missed workouts. Only, the regular workouts will help you to achieve the goal.

The technique of increased repetitions

Strength exercises are rarely made till refusal when you have no forces to make the last repetition. The athlete refuses from this repetition because he doesn’t want to get injured. Sometimes, the exercise is performed till the refusal of technique. Often, the set ends with the scheduled number of repetitions. By the way, the technique of increase repetitions will allow you to avoid it.

The given technique includes the implementation of drop-sets. The standard drop-set involves the doing of exercises till the refusal of technique. Moreover, this technique is for the work in the machines or with the dumbbells.

Work on the body mobility

Exercises for body mobility are best performed at the end of the training. A few minutes spent on stretching will help improve the technique and will make the body more flexible.