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Early thoughts on my Minds book

namgiangnetApr 12, 2018, 8:49:22 PM

I'm not good at English, I would like Minds to have our local language. If you read this article, please correct me by commenting below the post

Minds books and unlike Facebook

I remember reading somewhere on the social network about Minds token, I do not remember correctly. But I can remember correctly that I created my account on Minds on April 3, 2018, and today when I wrote this article went to April 13, 2018. I wrote this article to talk about My thoughts on Minds

Mind is great

Photo copy: BTC Manager

"Minds.com, a decentralized social media platform, is hoping to implement the Ethereum blockchain into its core technology, post recent accusations against social media giant Facebook. Launched in 2015, Minds has a registered global audience of one million users, and reports having upward of 70 million unique page views.

As one of the first social networks to implement the blockchain, Minds.com is willing to launch the Minds Crypto Social Network (MCSN), a completely decentralized social media website. Minds follows projects such as Leeroy and Peepeth in aiming to use blockchain technology for social media. In order to realize this vision, the MCSN will be a full functioning dApp, which operates on Ethereum’s blockchain, and shall be optimized to support both web and mobile."

After learning that, I signed up for an account on Minds. At first I wanted to use Minds as a tool to advertise my company, but gradually I was really drawn to Minds.

The first day I posted some copy on google. But very quickly, I deleted them and shared my life on the Minds

My share to date has reached nearly 500 subscribers and over 60k views. I am very happy about that and thank you for supporting my sharing.

Minds development team, I feel that they are doing something everyday to create a wider social network that makes it easier for people in the world to connect.

The future is not far away, Minds will overthrow the social empire today to become the leader, I have less face or youtube because it is too boring. There I often have to look at classifieds sales. Tired

I do not know what Minds tokens do, just to boost posts or channels ... But I do not want to see too many ads on Minds.

I really need Minds to be able to post a lot of pictures in a single post, and I really hope Minds is in the emerging market of Southeast Asia. If possible, please add Vietnamese in the next update as I know there are many Vietnamese using Minds.

Thank you for reading my sharing, I will continue writing when I'm not busy ....

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Nha Trang, Vietnam

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