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Brent Barbee Retirement

AmarilloExposedApr 8, 2018, 5:39:43 PM

I saw recent news reports of Sgt Brent Barbee's retirement.  As coincidence would have it, I had an encounter with Sgt Barbee just this past week.  As I sat in a coffee shop and looked up from my phone, there was a uniformed Brent Barbee looking directly at me.  He tried to nonchalantly look down at his phone, but it was obvious he had been gazing directly at me.  I'll address the APD in part 2 of The Saga.  For now, I'd like to address something else.

There seems to be a sharp disconnect in some circles.  The same people that champion the homeless advocates and covered the recent arrest of homeless advocate Kip Billups, commended Brent Barbee for his career.  Let me point out what should be obvious, the same agency for which Brent Barbee (retiring as the Public Information Officer) worked for 39 years, followed orders from a dictatorial Mayor to remove and arrest Kip Billups for refusing her order to stand AND THREATNED TO ISSUES CITATIONS TO ANYONE CAUGHT ON VIDEO CLAPPING DURING THE PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD OF A CITY COUNCIL MEETING.  APD should be following the law, not orders from a dictatorial Mayor.  Of course, this problem existed prior to Mayor Nelson taking office.

The same agency for which Brent Barbee worked for 39 years, some of which were spent investigating crimes against children, looked the other way for decades as a drug-pushing pedophile operated openly in the community.  

These are far from the only misdeeds that went on at the APD during Barbee's long career.  There is nothing to be celebrated here.  Watch for part 2 of THE SAGA.