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Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy in Treating Sports Injuries

chloepaltrowApr 6, 2018, 9:23:09 AM

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a sportsperson, or just play for enjoyment on weekends, all certainly have encountered injuries from mild to severe at some point of their life. Injuries such as concussion, ligament and muscle injury, broken bones, shoulder pain, and elbow pain can be treated with HBOT therapy.

Hyperbaric therapy California is a treatment that accelerates the healing process of the body. By delivering 100% pure oxygen, it helps in early recovery from several sports injuries. This treatment is also commonly used as an alternative procedure for various disorders such as HBOT therapy for autism, cerebral palsy, and brain injury.

The original idea of hyperbaric therapy for treating sports injuries came from scuba diving. This treatment was initially used for healing athletes from diving injuries and disorders. When scuba divers reported feeling energized and refreshed even after surfacing, this treatment appeared as an effective therapy. Today, various medical studies and researches are being carried out to testify the efficiency of HBOT. These studies are exploring the positive effects of hyperbaric therapy in various disorders such as Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation, autism, and chronic fatigue. It is FDA approved for decompression sickness, thermal burns, gas embolism, crush injury, carbon monoxide poisoning, and many other ailments.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Concussions

Hyperbaric therapy California involves inhaling pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. During this therapy, oxygen travels through body fluids including blood plasma, lymph, and central nervous system fluids. This function increases the amount of oxygen in the body and circulates it to areas with diminished blood flow. The whole process enhances the healing process, and that is how recovery from sports injuries becomes easy with HBOT therapy.

Since HBOT therapy for autism is an effective treatment for fast healing, many athletes have started relying on it. Joe Namath, a former American football quarterback, famously known as ‘Broadway Joe’, suffered from various injuries, mostly on the head. Due to these injuries, he faced focus problems, memory loss, the feeling of irritability, and anxiousness. However, after trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy, his symptoms reduced, and now he supports HBOT for sports injuries.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Other Sports Injuries

Hyperbaric therapy California also helps in reducing inflammation, recovering from bone injury, decreasing scarring, improving stem cell activation, and enhancing vascular flow.

A study on the effectiveness of HBOT on sports injuries shows positive results. After hyperbaric therapy, bone, ligament, and muscle recovery was enhanced and had promising progress.

Another study used blood platelet injection and HBOT together to enhance healing of soft or musculoskeletal tissue injuries and decrease healing time of hamstring injuries.

HBOT has many other benefits including:

# Increased oxygen levels that enhance the healing process

# Enhanced production of body stem cells

# Improved immune functioning and increased capacity to fight infection

# Reduced inflammation and swelling

# Heightened ability to restore injured tissues

# Reduced fatigue due to a proper supply of oxygen to tissues and cells

# Decreased time for healing of bone, ligament, and muscle injuries

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Increased Performance

The average career length of sports players is small. For a football player, it is 3.5 years, baseball player 5.6 years, MLS soccer player 3.2 years, and basketball player 4.8 years. Many sports players are adopting hyperbaric therapy for enhanced performance, faster recovery from injuries, and intense training schedules. The treatment increases the scope for utmost performance and increased career length.

Rafael Soriano, a former baseball pitcher, first found out about hyperbaric treatment when he was with Atlanta Braves. However, in 2012, his close friend Jose Veras persuaded him to try this therapy. After understanding how this treatment works, he consulted his doctor to confirm the usefulness of the therapy. He received a positive response, and hence, started HBOT as a routine recovery therapy. It helped him release body toxins and recover from injuries quickly.

Not only Rafael but many other players also use hyperbaric therapy as a source of increased field performance.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a viable treatment for sports injuries as it is being used to treat such injuries for a long time. However, it is suggested to consult your doctor before trying hyperbaric therapy. Its benefits can increase your field performance and help you recover from injuries a lot faster.