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As Facebook reveals its true colors, a beautiful opportunity emerges.

LivingLightlyApr 4, 2018, 9:29:02 PM

It is no longer a topic of controversy that major tech companies like Facebook and Google are involved in large scale social manipulation. 

The good news is that as these corporate platforms continue to fall over, new opportunities begin to present themselves. Open-source alternatives are gaining popularity and are even starting to offer more features than Facebook ever could as a non open-source platform.

As it turns out there is a social media platform that honors your privacy, has encrypted chat, and does not participate in censorship. It does not work with companies, governments, or shadow organizations to profile you in the attempt to engineer your behavior for marketing or political agendas.

Why open-source?

Many people don't understand why open-source is so important. For software to be open-source, the development code must be freely available for public use. The fact that the development code is available for everyone ensures two very important things.

First, innovation can flourish when every developer has access to the tools needed to collaborate on a software platform. Secondly, if software is programmed with malicious intent in an open-source setting, people will see what is happening and put a stop to it.

The cost of how we connect.

I will admit that I have tried and failed to leave Facebook a few times now, and what kept me coming back was the connections I have to people exclusively through Facebook's services. While Facebook will claim that they offer their services for free, they exploit our desire to stay connected with each other for private interests that do not care about our rights.

The cost of this is not only our lack of privacy and personal freedoms, but also our democratic process. And while I do think our democratic process is far from perfect, I don't think using tools that are made to keep us under constant surveillance and censor what we see really serve our best interests.

The opportunity for digital integrity.

I made it my mission to find digital platforms that have been created with integrity and privacy at the core of their design. That is why I have decided to start seeking out new open-source alternatives to the big corporate tech companies. We should never have to give our blind trust in order to feel safe when using a social network. I am proud to share this article as my first publication on a site that has this trust built in.

If you are like me and want to embark on #TheGreatMigration to a social network that has trust, transparency, and integrity built into its core, I recommend you look into minds.com.

It is a constantly growing, feature-rich platform. And after using it for a while, I'm experiencing more meaningful conversations and encountering less hostility, even from people who have views that I do not share.

If you're not ready to stop using your established social networks entirely but would like to start transitioning away, I recommend setting up an account on Minds and using a feature that can send your posts to Facebook and Twitter. This enables you to shift your internet presence seamlessly without rebuilding from scratch.

We deserve a social network that is made for the people, by the people. One that will truly serve us well.