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VINchain – a Whole New Market for Cars

mirofameApr 2, 2018, 4:16:18 PM

☑️What is VINchain❓

To put it simply, VINchain is the answer to those who need information about vehicles. It is based on blockchain industry and provides transparency and easiness especially when it comes to buying a car.

✅What is the problem it aims to resolve❓

Usually, those who sell are more informed than those who buy a product. As a result, buyers, being aware that they might be deceived lower the price they are prepared to pay, thus the more expensive cars rarely become purchased. This leads to a major issue concerning the car market and more or less dooms it to disappearance.

☑️What does VINchain offer:

Obviously, what is needed, is a platform that provides transparency and reliability. VINchain is exactly that, it is a company that uses blockchain on the background and makes sure that one may find all the information he or she needs to make just the right choice. For every vehicle there is a passport and data that provides the history of the car. 

Everyone could have an easy access. Another problem concerning the market is the inaccurate systems that have existed so far and VINchain solves this by attracting agencies for consultation and thus reducing the amount of invalid information. Both those who sell and those who buy will profit from such a platform. In addition there is an app that offers a lot of other possibilities for the users.

✅Meet the team

Every great project needs an even greater team. VINchain’s core team consists of nineteen people. All of them experienced professionals with a lot to offer for the development of the company. CEO, founder and chief innovation officer, CMO, strategic partnerships, CTO, two blockchain developers, software and blockchain engineer, two software development advisors, system analyst, system administrator back-end developer, full stack developer, head of sales and bitcoin advocate, UI/UX specialist and front end designer, customer support, SEO expert, community relations at VINCHAIN.IO and business analyst are the kind of specialists included in the team. In addition there are eleven advisors that guide and help them in their work. This is a great mix of professionals that will lead the company to excellent results.


When it comes to social media, VINchain has 5 636 followers on Twitter, 4 395 followers on Facebook, 9 780 members on Telegram and many more followers and members on other platforms. This clearly shows interest in the project and ability to get informed about it on a number of different platforms.


Every great project needs partners to help develop it. VINchain is not an exception. The brilliant idea behind the company has attracted a number of partners. These are A Better Bid, Auto Inspect, Epic Vin and a few more.


The roadmap covers the period between February 2017 when it all starts and January 2019, when the project plans to continue developing. Everything is carefully planned so that each successive stage follows a schedule. This guarantees great results and perfect coordination.


The Pre-ICO took place from December 1st to December 24th 2018. It has finished by now. The actual ICO covers the period between February 1st and April 15th 2018 and it is still running. The Hard Cap is estimated to be 23 250 ETH, while the Soft Cap – 3 330 ETH. During the pre-sale, 293,6 ETH were collected. The ICO will follow seven stages and the prices will be as follows:

The current stage is III, the price is estimated to be 1ETH=20 000 plus bonus of 20 per cent.


A basic google search opens a few pages all congratulating and praising the achievements of the company. I haven’t come across any negative comments. The latest news that pop up contain information revealing that VINchain has kept its promise and has reached the Soft Cap.

✅Website review

The website is very thoroughly developed. It contains the most important information. It is very professional. On top one can follow the stage of ICO together with the price and bonuses. I find the name of the company perfectly suitable for what it stands for.

☑️Whitepaper review

The whitepaper offers a great amount of information. It introduces the major things concerning VINchain and it provides further database. Probably one of the major sections is devoted to the problem the company is trying to overcome and the solution it proposes. Another key section is the one concerning the ICO and token sale, together with bonuses.


Nobody likes being cheated. VINchain is the company that resolves this problem at least when it comes to vehicles. Thanks to this amazing project, people will be able to find accurate information about the car they want to buy and this will all happen on a transparent platform without difficulties or deceptions. What I like about this project is that it gives you the chance to take things in your own hands and become informed instead of spending your money on something which doesn’t work the way it should.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

VINchain Whitepaper: https://vinchain.io/files/VinChainWhitePaperEn.pdf

VINchain Official Website: https://vinchain.io/#page-top

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