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2 Amazing Presentation tools you need to know about!

nadineCMar 29, 2018, 9:44:25 AM

You will probably agree with me that it is not easy to create a stunning presentation that also is visually appealing and something new.

You want your presentation to stand out from the rest!

Well, I will let you in on my secret about two amazing tools that I have previously used and that got me a ton of great feedback!

You will always need some kind of presentation tool – let it be in school, university or at work. In order to create a stunning presentation the right tools are needed. The most common ones are just simply to use a good old PowerPoint, some even just use a PDF. But these tools won’t bring you the recognition you deserve.

The first tool I want to introduce to you is:

Flipping Book

A flipping book lets you flip through your presentation. To make it even more interactive you have the possibility to include images and videos. Additionally, you can add hyperlinks to your flipbook if you want to show another website during your presentation. My colleagues loved that I decided to go with a presentation tool that is not yet too widely used but allows to create a great presentation. If you are interested in more detailed information, read more about flipping books here.

The second presentation tool I want to introduce to you is:


Canva lets you create stunning presentations in the easiest way possible! You can decide to choose one of the already premade templates to get that wow effect. You do not need any previous knowledge as it simply works via drag and drop. Additionally, you can also have access to a ton of great stock photos. Head over to their site to get started.

So here you go – two of my all-time favorite presentation tools. Some of my colleagues already started to use them too! Maybe I will find another great presentation tool – if so, I will let you know in my next post! Stay tuned!