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Tips for Ensuring Safety When Buying Contacts Online

CheekBoisen87Mar 29, 2018, 7:01:59 AM

The advantages of buying Contact Lenses Online are many, including increased convenience and lower cost. Those who are used to buying their contacts from their optometrists may have some difficulty getting used to the idea of shopping online, though. They can read on to find some tips that might make the process a little bit easier.

Prepare Information in Advance

There are a few pieces of information that any legitimate contact lens supplier will need before an order can be placed, so it's a good idea to get all of that information organized prior to sitting down in front of the computer. Contact suppliers will require consumers' names, measurements for their contact lenses, and the brand name and material of the lenses they normally wear, and whether they want daily or extended wear lenses in order to fill any order. They'll also need the name and phone number of the doctor who provided the prescription and information about the number of refills allowed before the prescription's expiration date.

Check the Order

Once a shipment of contact lenses arrives, it's important to check them to make sure they're exactly the right strength, brand, and diameter. This will literally help patients to avoid some serious headaches. Chances are, everything will be in order; it's still worth taking a few minutes to double-check.

Understand coloured contact lenses melbourne of Contact Lenses

Regardless of whether they're purchased online or directly from an optometrist's office, contact lenses come with a certain number of potential complications. Inflammation, scarring, and even structural changes to a patient's cornea can occur in the event that the lenses are contaminated by bacteria, viruses, or fungal infections. Patients who experience any redness, changes in vision, pain, or increased light sensitivity should be sure to stop the use of their contacts and visit their doctors immediately.

Don't Delay Exams

Online contact lens suppliers are required by law to receive a doctor's approval prior to distributing lenses, which is why they ask for an up-to-date prescription. Patients who delay their annual check-ups may find themselves in a bad position if it comes time to order a new supply of contacts and they don't have a prescription that is up-to-date. Don't allow this to happen; instead, be sure to schedule and attend annual check-ups well in advance of running out of contacts.

Know What to costume contact lenses

There exists a wide variety of contact lenses, from daily to three-month lenses, multifocal lenses, astigmatism lenses, and even colored prescription or non-prescription lenses. Those ordering online should know exactly what they are looking for prior to placing an order. It's not a bad idea for patients to discuss their options with their optometrists during or after their exams, as this gives them the chance to benefit from a professional opinion regarding styles of lenses.