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Who also Makes the Best Pool area Cue? Tough Question Isn't very It?

sinarmuliacoms2Mar 28, 2018, 5:35:17 AM

Here in The southern area of Colorado, many people feel that a Kikel is the best pool cue. They are made by a local player named Dave Kikel. I found a webpage on line when searching for Kikel Cues which was an article written by a person in Kentkucky and so they had some good things to say about the Kikel Pool Signs. This is somewhat of your trick question. It is hard to choose just one pool cue being the best. If you search for pool cues or pool cue sticks on Yahoo or your chosen search search engines, you will come program many different cue creators. Effortlessly these choices how can anyone pick the best?

I think many of the choice will rely upon the consumer. I have owned over some pool cues from separate cue makers. Presently there are the ones that I like and there have been a few that I don't like much at all. We tend to favor a cue that is a little longer than the normal 58 inches and i also prefer the weight to be between 18 and 20 oz .. I do not like a brittle sounding strike. I favor a sound hit. I usually stick to a solid shat about 13 MM in size.

I have a Meucci with 2 shafts. 1 shaft is a regular length shaft and the other is a few inches longer as you will find common to snooker. I've had this Meucci Pool Cue for over 20 years. Equally these styles the shafts started at 13 MILLIMETER (millimeters). There Pool Cues 2017 were an old guy in town who used to replace mu cue tips. Every time he would put a new tip on, he would sand the shaft even. Over the years this turned my shafts into 10 or 11 MILLIMETER in size.

I discovered that you can really rotate the ball with a thin shaft like that and I almost arrived to like shooting with the smaller shaft. Today I play with a Joss pool cue bottom and the shaft is custom mad by Gibson, a nearby cue maker. Make sure you please drop me a line or leave a comment about where you are what billiards "cue" stick you prefer to play with and what you feel about who makes the best pool cue.

If you are trying to learn who makes the best pool "cue", I would recommend you start trying out various cues for the the one which you like best. You will find lots of things away in your testing. You can decide on what works best for you.