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The Basic Design Principles To Bear In Mind When Planning Trade Show Displays

toptradeshowboothsMar 27, 2018, 3:20:31 PM

Planning a company trade show event has always been a daunting and overwhelming task that most companies dread which should not be the case since it gives an opportunity for a service provider to showcase their products and services. The displays give companies a chance to have one on one meetings and to strike a good relationship by allowing the customer to access even the goods and services they have not had a chance to use before and give their opinion of them. To ensure that the show achieves its specified goals and objectives, the company must put in place a variety of design measures which determine the success of the event some of which are as discussed below. Check this website to learn more.


This element entails giving the special attention importance to particular areas or items presented in the trade shows. By emphasizing on the most visual aspects of the art or piece using custom booths, the clients in attendance have their attention captured to only the places the event designer and organizer wants them to focus which can be achieved through a variety of techniques such as placement, contrast as well as isolation. Emphasis on isolation during exhibit marketing is attained by setting a single piece of the booth apart from the rest, so it stands out from the rest of the crowd. It is essential to put unique give away ideas in the measure which helps to emphasize the desired aspects. Contrasting the special displays by use of a different and attractive color is also a vital way of making the necessary emphasis. Emphasis by placement, on the other hand, is achieved by arranging one item in composition to the others by for instance having small items surrounding a bigger one which gets most of the attention during the display.


Balance in the trade show display entails having an equal distribution of the weight which is measured regarding the visual. There is no doubt that everyone has attended a display show and the room felt so imbalanced with so much weight on one side and very little on the other making the viewers very uncomfortable. The visual balance is attained by applying a variety of methods and techniques such as the color of the items used, the size as well as the shape. The equally interesting items should, in fact, be fairly distributed across the room and the blending colors used together to create a balanced feeling with the small sized pieces arranged together with the large ones to create an intersperse. Check this video about booth displays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYFA8KNxcJQ.